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Bug 542222 - Reduce recursion in netwerk makefiles.

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include <$(DEPTH)\config\config.mak>

PROG1 = .\$(OBJDIR)\bloatblame.exe
PROG2 = .\$(OBJDIR)\spacetrace.exe
PROG3 = .\$(OBJDIR)\leakstats.exe

LIB1 = .\$(OBJDIR)\tmreader.lib


C_OBJS=.\$(OBJDIR)\spacecategory.obj .\$(OBJDIR)\formdata.obj

	-I$(DEPTH)\config\os2 \

	$(DIST)\lib\xpcom.lib \
	$(LIB1) \

!if "" != "$(HAVE_BOUTELL_GD)"

	$(DIST)\lib\zlib_s.lib \
	$(HAVE_BOUTELL_GD)\gd.lib \


.DEFAULT: install

include <$(DEPTH)\config\rules.mak>

install:: $(PROGRAMS)
	-for %p in ($(PROGRAMS)) do $(MAKE_INSTALL) %p $(DIST)\bin
	$(MAKE_INSTALL) rules.txt $(DIST)\bin

	-for %p in ($(PROGRAMS)) do $(RM) %p $(DIST)\bin\%p


$(LIB1): $(CPP_OBJS) $(C_OBJS)
	$(RM) $@
	lib /nologo /out:$@ $**

$(PROG1): $(LIB1) bloatblame.c

$(PROG2): $(LIB1) spacetrace.c

$(PROG3): $(LIB1) leakstats.c