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Bug 407018 expiration not using browser.history_expire_days_min (r=sspitzer,a=mconnor)

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIInputStream;
interface imgILoad;

 * imgIDecoder interface
 * @author Stuart Parmenter <>
 * @version 0.2
 * @see imagelib2
[scriptable, uuid(9eebf43a-1dd1-11b2-953e-f1782f4cbad3)]
interface imgIDecoder : nsISupports
   * Initialize an image decoder.
   * @param aRequest the request that owns the decoder.
   * @note The decode should QI \a aLoad to an imgIDecoderObserver
   * and should send decoder notifications to the request.
   * The decoder should always pass NULL as the first two parameters to
   * all of the imgIDecoderObserver APIs.
  void init(in imgILoad aLoad);

   * Closes the stream. 
  void close();

   * Flushes the stream.
  void flush();

   * Writes data into the stream from an input stream.
   * Implementer's note: This method is defined by this interface in order
   * to allow the output stream to efficiently copy the data from the input
   * stream into its internal buffer (if any). If this method was provide
   * as an external facility, a separate char* buffer would need to be used
   * in order to call the output stream's other Write method.
   * @param fromStream the stream from which the data is read
   * @param count the maximun number of bytes to write
   * @return aWriteCount out parameter to hold the number of
   *         bytes written. if an error occurs, the writecount
   *         is undefined
  unsigned long writeFrom(in nsIInputStream inStr,
                          in unsigned long count);