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/* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
 * file, You can obtain one at */


 * Code below is vtt.js the JS WebVTT implementation.
 * Current source code can be found at
 * Code taken from commit b89bfd06cd788a68c67e03f44561afe833db0849
 * Copyright 2013 vtt.js Contributors
 * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
 * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
 * You may obtain a copy of the License at
 * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
 * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
 * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 * limitations under the License.

(function(global) {

  var _objCreate = Object.create || (function() {
    function F() {}
    return function(o) {
      if (arguments.length !== 1) {
        throw new Error('Object.create shim only accepts one parameter.');
      F.prototype = o;
      return new F();

  // Creates a new ParserError object from an errorData object. The errorData
  // object should have default code and message properties. The default message
  // property can be overriden by passing in a message parameter.
  // See ParsingError.Errors below for acceptable errors.
  function ParsingError(errorData, message) { = "ParsingError";
    this.code = errorData.code;
    this.message = message || errorData.message;
  ParsingError.prototype = _objCreate(Error.prototype);
  ParsingError.prototype.constructor = ParsingError;

  // ParsingError metadata for acceptable ParsingErrors.
  ParsingError.Errors = {
    BadSignature: {
      code: 0,
      message: "Malformed WebVTT signature."
    BadTimeStamp: {
      code: 1,
      message: "Malformed time stamp."

  // See spec,
  function collectTimeStamp(input) {
    function computeSeconds(h, m, s, f) {
      if (m > 59 || s > 59) {
        return null;
      // The attribute of the milli-seconds can only be three digits.
      if (f.length !== 3) {
        return null;
      return (h | 0) * 3600 + (m | 0) * 60 + (s | 0) + (f | 0) / 1000;

    var timestamp = input.match(/^(\d+:)?(\d{2}):(\d{2})\.(\d+)/);
    if (!timestamp || timestamp.length !== 5) {
      return null;

    let hours = timestamp[1]? timestamp[1].replace(":", "") : 0;
    let minutes = timestamp[2];
    let seconds = timestamp[3];
    let milliSeconds = timestamp[4];

    return computeSeconds(hours, minutes, seconds, milliSeconds);

  // A settings object holds key/value pairs and will ignore anything but the first
  // assignment to a specific key.
  function Settings() {
    this.values = _objCreate(null);

  Settings.prototype = {
    set: function(k, v) {
      if (v !== "") {
        this.values[k] = v;
    // Return the value for a key, or a default value.
    // If 'defaultKey' is passed then 'dflt' is assumed to be an object with
    // a number of possible default values as properties where 'defaultKey' is
    // the key of the property that will be chosen; otherwise it's assumed to be
    // a single value.
    get: function(k, dflt, defaultKey) {
      if (defaultKey) {
        return this.has(k) ? this.values[k] : dflt[defaultKey];
      return this.has(k) ? this.values[k] : dflt;
    // Check whether we have a value for a key.
    has: function(k) {
      return k in this.values;
    // Accept a setting if its one of the given alternatives.
    alt: function(k, v, a) {
      for (var n = 0; n < a.length; ++n) {
        if (v === a[n]) {
          this.set(k, v);
    // Accept a setting if its a valid digits value (int or float)
    digitsValue: function(k, v) {
      if (/^-0+(\.[0]*)?$/.test(v)) { // special case for -0.0
        this.set(k, 0.0);
      } else if (/^-?\d+(\.[\d]*)?$/.test(v)) {
        this.set(k, parseFloat(v));
    // Accept a setting if its a valid percentage.
    percent: function(k, v) {
      var m;
      if ((m = v.match(/^([\d]{1,3})(\.[\d]*)?%$/))) {
        v = parseFloat(v);
        if (v >= 0 && v <= 100) {
          this.set(k, v);
          return true;
      return false;

  // Helper function to parse input into groups separated by 'groupDelim', and
  // interprete each group as a key/value pair separated by 'keyValueDelim'.
  function parseOptions(input, callback, keyValueDelim, groupDelim) {
    var groups = groupDelim ? input.split(groupDelim) : [input];
    for (var i in groups) {
      if (typeof groups[i] !== "string") {
      var kv = groups[i].split(keyValueDelim);
      if (kv.length !== 2) {
      var k = kv[0];
      var v = kv[1];
      callback(k, v);

  function parseCue(input, cue, regionList) {
    // Remember the original input if we need to throw an error.
    var oInput = input;
    // 4.1 WebVTT timestamp
    function consumeTimeStamp() {
      var ts = collectTimeStamp(input);
      if (ts === null) {
        throw new ParsingError(ParsingError.Errors.BadTimeStamp,
                              "Malformed timestamp: " + oInput);
      // Remove time stamp from input.
      input = input.replace(/^[^\sa-zA-Z-]+/, "");
      return ts;

    // 4.4.2 WebVTT cue settings
    function consumeCueSettings(input, cue) {
      var settings = new Settings();

      parseOptions(input, function (k, v) {
        switch (k) {
        case "region":
          // Find the last region we parsed with the same region id.
          for (var i = regionList.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
            if (regionList[i].id === v) {
              settings.set(k, regionList[i].region);
        case "vertical":
          settings.alt(k, v, ["rl", "lr"]);
        case "line":
          var vals = v.split(","),
              vals0 = vals[0];
          settings.digitsValue(k, vals0);
          settings.percent(k, vals0) ? settings.set("snapToLines", false) : null;
          settings.alt(k, vals0, ["auto"]);
          if (vals.length === 2) {
            settings.alt("lineAlign", vals[1], ["start", "center", "end"]);
        case "position":
          vals = v.split(",");
          settings.percent(k, vals[0]);
          if (vals.length === 2) {
            settings.alt("positionAlign", vals[1], ["line-left", "center", "line-right", "auto"]);
        case "size":
          settings.percent(k, v);
        case "align":
          settings.alt(k, v, ["start", "center", "end", "left", "right"]);
      }, /:/, /\s/);

      // Apply default values for any missing fields.
      cue.region = settings.get("region", null);
      cue.vertical = settings.get("vertical", "");
      cue.line = settings.get("line", "auto");
      cue.lineAlign = settings.get("lineAlign", "start");
      cue.snapToLines = settings.get("snapToLines", true);
      cue.size = settings.get("size", 100);
      cue.align = settings.get("align", "center");
      cue.position = settings.get("position", "auto");
      cue.positionAlign = settings.get("positionAlign", "center");

    function skipWhitespace() {
      input = input.replace(/^[ \f\n\r\t]+/, "");

    // 4.1 WebVTT cue timings.
    cue.startTime = consumeTimeStamp();   // (1) collect cue start time
    if (input.substr(0, 3) !== "-->") {     // (3) next characters must match "-->"
      throw new ParsingError(ParsingError.Errors.BadTimeStamp,
                             "Malformed time stamp (time stamps must be separated by '-->'): " +
    input = input.substr(3);
    cue.endTime = consumeTimeStamp();     // (5) collect cue end time

    // 4.1 WebVTT cue settings list.
    consumeCueSettings(input, cue);

  function onlyContainsWhiteSpaces(input) {
    return /^[ \f\n\r\t]+$/.test(input);

  function containsTimeDirectionSymbol(input) {
    return input.indexOf("-->") !== -1;

  function maybeIsTimeStampFormat(input) {
    return /^\s*(\d+:)?(\d{2}):(\d{2})\.(\d+)\s*-->\s*(\d+:)?(\d{2}):(\d{2})\.(\d+)\s*/.test(input);

  var ESCAPE = {
    "&amp;": "&",
    "&lt;": "<",
    "&gt;": ">",
    "&lrm;": "\u200e",
    "&rlm;": "\u200f",
    "&nbsp;": "\u00a0"

  var TAG_NAME = {
    c: "span",
    i: "i",
    b: "b",
    u: "u",
    ruby: "ruby",
    rt: "rt",
    v: "span",
    lang: "span"

    v: "title",
    lang: "lang"

  var NEEDS_PARENT = {
    rt: "ruby"

  // Parse content into a document fragment.
  function parseContent(window, input) {
    function nextToken() {
      // Check for end-of-string.
      if (!input) {
        return null;

      // Consume 'n' characters from the input.
      function consume(result) {
        input = input.substr(result.length);
        return result;

      var m = input.match(/^([^<]*)(<[^>]+>?)?/);
      // If there is some text before the next tag, return it, otherwise return
      // the tag.
      return consume(m[1] ? m[1] : m[2]);

    // Unescape a string 's'.
    function unescape1(e) {
      return ESCAPE[e];
    function unescape(s) {
      while ((m = s.match(/&(amp|lt|gt|lrm|rlm|nbsp);/))) {
        s = s.replace(m[0], unescape1);
      return s;

    function shouldAdd(current, element) {
      return !NEEDS_PARENT[element.localName] ||
             NEEDS_PARENT[element.localName] === current.localName;

    // Create an element for this tag.
    function createElement(type, annotation) {
      var tagName = TAG_NAME[type];
      if (!tagName) {
        return null;
      var element = window.document.createElement(tagName);
      element.localName = tagName;
      var name = TAG_ANNOTATION[type];
      if (name && annotation) {
        element[name] = annotation.trim();
      return element;

    var rootDiv = window.document.createElement("div"),
        current = rootDiv,
        tagStack = [];

    while ((t = nextToken()) !== null) {
      if (t[0] === '<') {
        if (t[1] === "/") {
          // If the closing tag matches, move back up to the parent node.
          if (tagStack.length &&
              tagStack[tagStack.length - 1] === t.substr(2).replace(">", "")) {
            current = current.parentNode;
          // Otherwise just ignore the end tag.
        var ts = collectTimeStamp(t.substr(1, t.length - 2));
        var node;
        if (ts) {
          // Timestamps are lead nodes as well.
          node = window.document.createProcessingInstruction("timestamp", ts);
        var m = t.match(/^<([^.\s/0-9>]+)(\.[^\s\\>]+)?([^>\\]+)?(\\?)>?$/);
        // If we can't parse the tag, skip to the next tag.
        if (!m) {
        // Try to construct an element, and ignore the tag if we couldn't.
        node = createElement(m[1], m[3]);
        if (!node) {
        // Determine if the tag should be added based on the context of where it
        // is placed in the cuetext.
        if (!shouldAdd(current, node)) {
        // Set the class list (as a list of classes, separated by space).
        if (m[2]) {
          node.className = m[2].substr(1).replace('.', ' ');
        // Append the node to the current node, and enter the scope of the new
        // node.
        current = node;

      // Text nodes are leaf nodes.

    return rootDiv;

  // This is a list of all the Unicode characters that have a strong
  // right-to-left category. What this means is that these characters are
  // written right-to-left for sure. It was generated by pulling all the strong
  // right-to-left characters out of the Unicode data table. That table can
  // found at:
  var strongRTLChars = [0x05BE, 0x05C0, 0x05C3, 0x05C6, 0x05D0, 0x05D1,
      0x05D2, 0x05D3, 0x05D4, 0x05D5, 0x05D6, 0x05D7, 0x05D8, 0x05D9, 0x05DA,
      0x05DB, 0x05DC, 0x05DD, 0x05DE, 0x05DF, 0x05E0, 0x05E1, 0x05E2, 0x05E3,
      0x05E4, 0x05E5, 0x05E6, 0x05E7, 0x05E8, 0x05E9, 0x05EA, 0x05F0, 0x05F1,
      0x05F2, 0x05F3, 0x05F4, 0x0608, 0x060B, 0x060D, 0x061B, 0x061E, 0x061F,
      0x0620, 0x0621, 0x0622, 0x0623, 0x0624, 0x0625, 0x0626, 0x0627, 0x0628,
      0x0629, 0x062A, 0x062B, 0x062C, 0x062D, 0x062E, 0x062F, 0x0630, 0x0631,
      0x0632, 0x0633, 0x0634, 0x0635, 0x0636, 0x0637, 0x0638, 0x0639, 0x063A,
      0x063B, 0x063C, 0x063D, 0x063E, 0x063F, 0x0640, 0x0641, 0x0642, 0x0643,
      0x0644, 0x0645, 0x0646, 0x0647, 0x0648, 0x0649, 0x064A, 0x066D, 0x066E,
      0x066F, 0x0671, 0x0672, 0x0673, 0x0674, 0x0675, 0x0676, 0x0677, 0x0678,
      0x0679, 0x067A, 0x067B, 0x067C, 0x067D, 0x067E, 0x067F, 0x0680, 0x0681,
      0x0682, 0x0683, 0x0684, 0x0685, 0x0686, 0x0687, 0x0688, 0x0689, 0x068A,
      0x068B, 0x068C, 0x068D, 0x068E, 0x068F, 0x0690, 0x0691, 0x0692, 0x0693,
      0x0694, 0x0695, 0x0696, 0x0697, 0x0698, 0x0699, 0x069A, 0x069B, 0x069C,
      0x069D, 0x069E, 0x069F, 0x06A0, 0x06A1, 0x06A2, 0x06A3, 0x06A4, 0x06A5,
      0x06A6, 0x06A7, 0x06A8, 0x06A9, 0x06AA, 0x06AB, 0x06AC, 0x06AD, 0x06AE,
      0x06AF, 0x06B0, 0x06B1, 0x06B2, 0x06B3, 0x06B4, 0x06B5, 0x06B6, 0x06B7,
      0x06B8, 0x06B9, 0x06BA, 0x06BB, 0x06BC, 0x06BD, 0x06BE, 0x06BF, 0x06C0,
      0x06C1, 0x06C2, 0x06C3, 0x06C4, 0x06C5, 0x06C6, 0x06C7, 0x06C8, 0x06C9,
      0x06CA, 0x06CB, 0x06CC, 0x06CD, 0x06CE, 0x06CF, 0x06D0, 0x06D1, 0x06D2,
      0x06D3, 0x06D4, 0x06D5, 0x06E5, 0x06E6, 0x06EE, 0x06EF, 0x06FA, 0x06FB,
      0x06FC, 0x06FD, 0x06FE, 0x06FF, 0x0700, 0x0701, 0x0702, 0x0703, 0x0704,
      0x0705, 0x0706, 0x0707, 0x0708, 0x0709, 0x070A, 0x070B, 0x070C, 0x070D,
      0x070F, 0x0710, 0x0712, 0x0713, 0x0714, 0x0715, 0x0716, 0x0717, 0x0718,
      0x0719, 0x071A, 0x071B, 0x071C, 0x071D, 0x071E, 0x071F, 0x0720, 0x0721,
      0x0722, 0x0723, 0x0724, 0x0725, 0x0726, 0x0727, 0x0728, 0x0729, 0x072A,
      0x072B, 0x072C, 0x072D, 0x072E, 0x072F, 0x074D, 0x074E, 0x074F, 0x0750,
      0x0751, 0x0752, 0x0753, 0x0754, 0x0755, 0x0756, 0x0757, 0x0758, 0x0759,
      0x075A, 0x075B, 0x075C, 0x075D, 0x075E, 0x075F, 0x0760, 0x0761, 0x0762,
      0x0763, 0x0764, 0x0765, 0x0766, 0x0767, 0x0768, 0x0769, 0x076A, 0x076B,
      0x076C, 0x076D, 0x076E, 0x076F, 0x0770, 0x0771, 0x0772, 0x0773, 0x0774,
      0x0775, 0x0776, 0x0777, 0x0778, 0x0779, 0x077A, 0x077B, 0x077C, 0x077D,
      0x077E, 0x077F, 0x0780, 0x0781, 0x0782, 0x0783, 0x0784, 0x0785, 0x0786,
      0x0787, 0x0788, 0x0789, 0x078A, 0x078B, 0x078C, 0x078D, 0x078E, 0x078F,
      0x0790, 0x0791, 0x0792, 0x0793, 0x0794, 0x0795, 0x0796, 0x0797, 0x0798,
      0x0799, 0x079A, 0x079B, 0x079C, 0x079D, 0x079E, 0x079F, 0x07A0, 0x07A1,
      0x07A2, 0x07A3, 0x07A4, 0x07A5, 0x07B1, 0x07C0, 0x07C1, 0x07C2, 0x07C3,
      0x07C4, 0x07C5, 0x07C6, 0x07C7, 0x07C8, 0x07C9, 0x07CA, 0x07CB, 0x07CC,
      0x07CD, 0x07CE, 0x07CF, 0x07D0, 0x07D1, 0x07D2, 0x07D3, 0x07D4, 0x07D5,
      0x07D6, 0x07D7, 0x07D8, 0x07D9, 0x07DA, 0x07DB, 0x07DC, 0x07DD, 0x07DE,
      0x07DF, 0x07E0, 0x07E1, 0x07E2, 0x07E3, 0x07E4, 0x07E5, 0x07E6, 0x07E7,
      0x07E8, 0x07E9, 0x07EA, 0x07F4, 0x07F5, 0x07FA, 0x0800, 0x0801, 0x0802,
      0x0803, 0x0804, 0x0805, 0x0806, 0x0807, 0x0808, 0x0809, 0x080A, 0x080B,
      0x080C, 0x080D, 0x080E, 0x080F, 0x0810, 0x0811, 0x0812, 0x0813, 0x0814,
      0x0815, 0x081A, 0x0824, 0x0828, 0x0830, 0x0831, 0x0832, 0x0833, 0x0834,
      0x0835, 0x0836, 0x0837, 0x0838, 0x0839, 0x083A, 0x083B, 0x083C, 0x083D,
      0x083E, 0x0840, 0x0841, 0x0842, 0x0843, 0x0844, 0x0845, 0x0846, 0x0847,
      0x0848, 0x0849, 0x084A, 0x084B, 0x084C, 0x084D, 0x084E, 0x084F, 0x0850,
      0x0851, 0x0852, 0x0853, 0x0854, 0x0855, 0x0856, 0x0857, 0x0858, 0x085E,
      0x08A0, 0x08A2, 0x08A3, 0x08A4, 0x08A5, 0x08A6, 0x08A7, 0x08A8, 0x08A9,
      0x08AA, 0x08AB, 0x08AC, 0x200F, 0xFB1D, 0xFB1F, 0xFB20, 0xFB21, 0xFB22,
      0xFB23, 0xFB24, 0xFB25, 0xFB26, 0xFB27, 0xFB28, 0xFB2A, 0xFB2B, 0xFB2C,
      0xFB2D, 0xFB2E, 0xFB2F, 0xFB30, 0xFB31, 0xFB32, 0xFB33, 0xFB34, 0xFB35,
      0xFB36, 0xFB38, 0xFB39, 0xFB3A, 0xFB3B, 0xFB3C, 0xFB3E, 0xFB40, 0xFB41,
      0xFB43, 0xFB44, 0xFB46, 0xFB47, 0xFB48, 0xFB49, 0xFB4A, 0xFB4B, 0xFB4C,
      0xFB4D, 0xFB4E, 0xFB4F, 0xFB50, 0xFB51, 0xFB52, 0xFB53, 0xFB54, 0xFB55,
      0xFB56, 0xFB57, 0xFB58, 0xFB59, 0xFB5A, 0xFB5B, 0xFB5C, 0xFB5D, 0xFB5E,
      0xFB5F, 0xFB60, 0xFB61, 0xFB62, 0xFB63, 0xFB64, 0xFB65, 0xFB66, 0xFB67,
      0xFB68, 0xFB69, 0xFB6A, 0xFB6B, 0xFB6C, 0xFB6D, 0xFB6E, 0xFB6F, 0xFB70,
      0xFB71, 0xFB72, 0xFB73, 0xFB74, 0xFB75, 0xFB76, 0xFB77, 0xFB78, 0xFB79,
      0xFB7A, 0xFB7B, 0xFB7C, 0xFB7D, 0xFB7E, 0xFB7F, 0xFB80, 0xFB81, 0xFB82,
      0xFB83, 0xFB84, 0xFB85, 0xFB86, 0xFB87, 0xFB88, 0xFB89, 0xFB8A, 0xFB8B,
      0xFB8C, 0xFB8D, 0xFB8E, 0xFB8F, 0xFB90, 0xFB91, 0xFB92, 0xFB93, 0xFB94,
      0xFB95, 0xFB96, 0xFB97, 0xFB98, 0xFB99, 0xFB9A, 0xFB9B, 0xFB9C, 0xFB9D,
      0xFB9E, 0xFB9F, 0xFBA0, 0xFBA1, 0xFBA2, 0xFBA3, 0xFBA4, 0xFBA5, 0xFBA6,
      0xFBA7, 0xFBA8, 0xFBA9, 0xFBAA, 0xFBAB, 0xFBAC, 0xFBAD, 0xFBAE, 0xFBAF,
      0xFBB0, 0xFBB1, 0xFBB2, 0xFBB3, 0xFBB4, 0xFBB5, 0xFBB6, 0xFBB7, 0xFBB8,
      0xFBB9, 0xFBBA, 0xFBBB, 0xFBBC, 0xFBBD, 0xFBBE, 0xFBBF, 0xFBC0, 0xFBC1,
      0xFBD3, 0xFBD4, 0xFBD5, 0xFBD6, 0xFBD7, 0xFBD8, 0xFBD9, 0xFBDA, 0xFBDB,
      0xFBDC, 0xFBDD, 0xFBDE, 0xFBDF, 0xFBE0, 0xFBE1, 0xFBE2, 0xFBE3, 0xFBE4,
      0xFBE5, 0xFBE6, 0xFBE7, 0xFBE8, 0xFBE9, 0xFBEA, 0xFBEB, 0xFBEC, 0xFBED,
      0xFBEE, 0xFBEF, 0xFBF0, 0xFBF1, 0xFBF2, 0xFBF3, 0xFBF4, 0xFBF5, 0xFBF6,
      0xFBF7, 0xFBF8, 0xFBF9, 0xFBFA, 0xFBFB, 0xFBFC, 0xFBFD, 0xFBFE, 0xFBFF,
      0xFC00, 0xFC01, 0xFC02, 0xFC03, 0xFC04, 0xFC05, 0xFC06, 0xFC07, 0xFC08,
      0xFC09, 0xFC0A, 0xFC0B, 0xFC0C, 0xFC0D, 0xFC0E, 0xFC0F, 0xFC10, 0xFC11,
      0xFC12, 0xFC13, 0xFC14, 0xFC15, 0xFC16, 0xFC17, 0xFC18, 0xFC19, 0xFC1A,
      0xFC1B, 0xFC1C, 0xFC1D, 0xFC1E, 0xFC1F, 0xFC20, 0xFC21, 0xFC22, 0xFC23,
      0xFC24, 0xFC25, 0xFC26, 0xFC27, 0xFC28, 0xFC29, 0xFC2A, 0xFC2B, 0xFC2C,
      0xFC2D, 0xFC2E, 0xFC2F, 0xFC30, 0xFC31, 0xFC32, 0xFC33, 0xFC34, 0xFC35,
      0xFC36, 0xFC37, 0xFC38, 0xFC39, 0xFC3A, 0xFC3B, 0xFC3C, 0xFC3D, 0xFC3E,
      0xFC3F, 0xFC40, 0xFC41, 0xFC42, 0xFC43, 0xFC44, 0xFC45, 0xFC46, 0xFC47,
      0xFC48, 0xFC49, 0xFC4A, 0xFC4B, 0xFC4C, 0xFC4D, 0xFC4E, 0xFC4F, 0xFC50,
      0xFC51, 0xFC52, 0xFC53, 0xFC54, 0xFC55, 0xFC56, 0xFC57, 0xFC58, 0xFC59,
      0xFC5A, 0xFC5B, 0xFC5C, 0xFC5D, 0xFC5E, 0xFC5F, 0xFC60, 0xFC61, 0xFC62,
      0xFC63, 0xFC64, 0xFC65, 0xFC66, 0xFC67, 0xFC68, 0xFC69, 0xFC6A, 0xFC6B,
      0xFC6C, 0xFC6D, 0xFC6E, 0xFC6F, 0xFC70, 0xFC71, 0xFC72, 0xFC73, 0xFC74,
      0xFC75, 0xFC76, 0xFC77, 0xFC78, 0xFC79, 0xFC7A, 0xFC7B, 0xFC7C, 0xFC7D,
      0xFC7E, 0xFC7F, 0xFC80, 0xFC81, 0xFC82, 0xFC83, 0xFC84, 0xFC85, 0xFC86,
      0xFC87, 0xFC88, 0xFC89, 0xFC8A, 0xFC8B, 0xFC8C, 0xFC8D, 0xFC8E, 0xFC8F,
      0xFC90, 0xFC91, 0xFC92, 0xFC93, 0xFC94, 0xFC95, 0xFC96, 0xFC97, 0xFC98,
      0xFC99, 0xFC9A, 0xFC9B, 0xFC9C, 0xFC9D, 0xFC9E, 0xFC9F, 0xFCA0, 0xFCA1,
      0xFCA2, 0xFCA3, 0xFCA4, 0xFCA5, 0xFCA6, 0xFCA7, 0xFCA8, 0xFCA9, 0xFCAA,
      0xFCAB, 0xFCAC, 0xFCAD, 0xFCAE, 0xFCAF, 0xFCB0, 0xFCB1, 0xFCB2, 0xFCB3,
      0xFCB4, 0xFCB5, 0xFCB6, 0xFCB7, 0xFCB8, 0xFCB9, 0xFCBA, 0xFCBB, 0xFCBC,
      0xFCBD, 0xFCBE, 0xFCBF, 0xFCC0, 0xFCC1, 0xFCC2, 0xFCC3, 0xFCC4, 0xFCC5,
      0xFCC6, 0xFCC7, 0xFCC8, 0xFCC9, 0xFCCA, 0xFCCB, 0xFCCC, 0xFCCD, 0xFCCE,
      0xFCCF, 0xFCD0, 0xFCD1, 0xFCD2, 0xFCD3, 0xFCD4, 0xFCD5, 0xFCD6, 0xFCD7,
      0xFCD8, 0xFCD9, 0xFCDA, 0xFCDB, 0xFCDC, 0xFCDD, 0xFCDE, 0xFCDF, 0xFCE0,
      0xFCE1, 0xFCE2, 0xFCE3, 0xFCE4, 0xFCE5, 0xFCE6, 0xFCE7, 0xFCE8, 0xFCE9,
      0xFCEA, 0xFCEB, 0xFCEC, 0xFCED, 0xFCEE, 0xFCEF, 0xFCF0, 0xFCF1, 0xFCF2,
      0xFCF3, 0xFCF4, 0xFCF5, 0xFCF6, 0xFCF7, 0xFCF8, 0xFCF9, 0xFCFA, 0xFCFB,
      0xFCFC, 0xFCFD, 0xFCFE, 0xFCFF, 0xFD00, 0xFD01, 0xFD02, 0xFD03, 0xFD04,
      0xFD05, 0xFD06, 0xFD07, 0xFD08, 0xFD09, 0xFD0A, 0xFD0B, 0xFD0C, 0xFD0D,
      0xFD0E, 0xFD0F, 0xFD10, 0xFD11, 0xFD12, 0xFD13, 0xFD14, 0xFD15, 0xFD16,
      0xFD17, 0xFD18, 0xFD19, 0xFD1A, 0xFD1B, 0xFD1C, 0xFD1D, 0xFD1E, 0xFD1F,
      0xFD20, 0xFD21, 0xFD22, 0xFD23, 0xFD24, 0xFD25, 0xFD26, 0xFD27, 0xFD28,
      0xFD29, 0xFD2A, 0xFD2B, 0xFD2C, 0xFD2D, 0xFD2E, 0xFD2F, 0xFD30, 0xFD31,
      0xFD32, 0xFD33, 0xFD34, 0xFD35, 0xFD36, 0xFD37, 0xFD38, 0xFD39, 0xFD3A,
      0xFD3B, 0xFD3C, 0xFD3D, 0xFD50, 0xFD51, 0xFD52, 0xFD53, 0xFD54, 0xFD55,
      0xFD56, 0xFD57, 0xFD58, 0xFD59, 0xFD5A, 0xFD5B, 0xFD5C, 0xFD5D, 0xFD5E,
      0xFD5F, 0xFD60, 0xFD61, 0xFD62, 0xFD63, 0xFD64, 0xFD65, 0xFD66, 0xFD67,
      0xFD68, 0xFD69, 0xFD6A, 0xFD6B, 0xFD6C, 0xFD6D, 0xFD6E, 0xFD6F, 0xFD70,
      0xFD71, 0xFD72, 0xFD73, 0xFD74, 0xFD75, 0xFD76, 0xFD77, 0xFD78, 0xFD79,
      0xFD7A, 0xFD7B, 0xFD7C, 0xFD7D, 0xFD7E, 0xFD7F, 0xFD80, 0xFD81, 0xFD82,
      0xFD83, 0xFD84, 0xFD85, 0xFD86, 0xFD87, 0xFD88, 0xFD89, 0xFD8A, 0xFD8B,
      0xFD8C, 0xFD8D, 0xFD8E, 0xFD8F, 0xFD92, 0xFD93, 0xFD94, 0xFD95, 0xFD96,
      0xFD97, 0xFD98, 0xFD99, 0xFD9A, 0xFD9B, 0xFD9C, 0xFD9D, 0xFD9E, 0xFD9F,
      0xFDA0, 0xFDA1, 0xFDA2, 0xFDA3, 0xFDA4, 0xFDA5, 0xFDA6, 0xFDA7, 0xFDA8,
      0xFDA9, 0xFDAA, 0xFDAB, 0xFDAC, 0xFDAD, 0xFDAE, 0xFDAF, 0xFDB0, 0xFDB1,
      0xFDB2, 0xFDB3, 0xFDB4, 0xFDB5, 0xFDB6, 0xFDB7, 0xFDB8, 0xFDB9, 0xFDBA,
      0xFDBB, 0xFDBC, 0xFDBD, 0xFDBE, 0xFDBF, 0xFDC0, 0xFDC1, 0xFDC2, 0xFDC3,
      0xFDC4, 0xFDC5, 0xFDC6, 0xFDC7, 0xFDF0, 0xFDF1, 0xFDF2, 0xFDF3, 0xFDF4,
      0xFDF5, 0xFDF6, 0xFDF7, 0xFDF8, 0xFDF9, 0xFDFA, 0xFDFB, 0xFDFC, 0xFE70,
      0xFE71, 0xFE72, 0xFE73, 0xFE74, 0xFE76, 0xFE77, 0xFE78, 0xFE79, 0xFE7A,
      0xFE7B, 0xFE7C, 0xFE7D, 0xFE7E, 0xFE7F, 0xFE80, 0xFE81, 0xFE82, 0xFE83,
      0xFE84, 0xFE85, 0xFE86, 0xFE87, 0xFE88, 0xFE89, 0xFE8A, 0xFE8B, 0xFE8C,
      0xFE8D, 0xFE8E, 0xFE8F, 0xFE90, 0xFE91, 0xFE92, 0xFE93, 0xFE94, 0xFE95,
      0xFE96, 0xFE97, 0xFE98, 0xFE99, 0xFE9A, 0xFE9B, 0xFE9C, 0xFE9D, 0xFE9E,
      0xFE9F, 0xFEA0, 0xFEA1, 0xFEA2, 0xFEA3, 0xFEA4, 0xFEA5, 0xFEA6, 0xFEA7,
      0xFEA8, 0xFEA9, 0xFEAA, 0xFEAB, 0xFEAC, 0xFEAD, 0xFEAE, 0xFEAF, 0xFEB0,
      0xFEB1, 0xFEB2, 0xFEB3, 0xFEB4, 0xFEB5, 0xFEB6, 0xFEB7, 0xFEB8, 0xFEB9,
      0xFEBA, 0xFEBB, 0xFEBC, 0xFEBD, 0xFEBE, 0xFEBF, 0xFEC0, 0xFEC1, 0xFEC2,
      0xFEC3, 0xFEC4, 0xFEC5, 0xFEC6, 0xFEC7, 0xFEC8, 0xFEC9, 0xFECA, 0xFECB,
      0xFECC, 0xFECD, 0xFECE, 0xFECF, 0xFED0, 0xFED1, 0xFED2, 0xFED3, 0xFED4,
      0xFED5, 0xFED6, 0xFED7, 0xFED8, 0xFED9, 0xFEDA, 0xFEDB, 0xFEDC, 0xFEDD,
      0xFEDE, 0xFEDF, 0xFEE0, 0xFEE1, 0xFEE2, 0xFEE3, 0xFEE4, 0xFEE5, 0xFEE6,
      0xFEE7, 0xFEE8, 0xFEE9, 0xFEEA, 0xFEEB, 0xFEEC, 0xFEED, 0xFEEE, 0xFEEF,
      0xFEF0, 0xFEF1, 0xFEF2, 0xFEF3, 0xFEF4, 0xFEF5, 0xFEF6, 0xFEF7, 0xFEF8,
      0xFEF9, 0xFEFA, 0xFEFB, 0xFEFC, 0x10800, 0x10801, 0x10802, 0x10803,
      0x10804, 0x10805, 0x10808, 0x1080A, 0x1080B, 0x1080C, 0x1080D, 0x1080E,
      0x1080F, 0x10810, 0x10811, 0x10812, 0x10813, 0x10814, 0x10815, 0x10816,
      0x10817, 0x10818, 0x10819, 0x1081A, 0x1081B, 0x1081C, 0x1081D, 0x1081E,
      0x1081F, 0x10820, 0x10821, 0x10822, 0x10823, 0x10824, 0x10825, 0x10826,
      0x10827, 0x10828, 0x10829, 0x1082A, 0x1082B, 0x1082C, 0x1082D, 0x1082E,
      0x1082F, 0x10830, 0x10831, 0x10832, 0x10833, 0x10834, 0x10835, 0x10837,
      0x10838, 0x1083C, 0x1083F, 0x10840, 0x10841, 0x10842, 0x10843, 0x10844,
      0x10845, 0x10846, 0x10847, 0x10848, 0x10849, 0x1084A, 0x1084B, 0x1084C,
      0x1084D, 0x1084E, 0x1084F, 0x10850, 0x10851, 0x10852, 0x10853, 0x10854,
      0x10855, 0x10857, 0x10858, 0x10859, 0x1085A, 0x1085B, 0x1085C, 0x1085D,
      0x1085E, 0x1085F, 0x10900, 0x10901, 0x10902, 0x10903, 0x10904, 0x10905,
      0x10906, 0x10907, 0x10908, 0x10909, 0x1090A, 0x1090B, 0x1090C, 0x1090D,
      0x1090E, 0x1090F, 0x10910, 0x10911, 0x10912, 0x10913, 0x10914, 0x10915,
      0x10916, 0x10917, 0x10918, 0x10919, 0x1091A, 0x1091B, 0x10920, 0x10921,
      0x10922, 0x10923, 0x10924, 0x10925, 0x10926, 0x10927, 0x10928, 0x10929,
      0x1092A, 0x1092B, 0x1092C, 0x1092D, 0x1092E, 0x1092F, 0x10930, 0x10931,
      0x10932, 0x10933, 0x10934, 0x10935, 0x10936, 0x10937, 0x10938, 0x10939,
      0x1093F, 0x10980, 0x10981, 0x10982, 0x10983, 0x10984, 0x10985, 0x10986,
      0x10987, 0x10988, 0x10989, 0x1098A, 0x1098B, 0x1098C, 0x1098D, 0x1098E,
      0x1098F, 0x10990, 0x10991, 0x10992, 0x10993, 0x10994, 0x10995, 0x10996,
      0x10997, 0x10998, 0x10999, 0x1099A, 0x1099B, 0x1099C, 0x1099D, 0x1099E,
      0x1099F, 0x109A0, 0x109A1, 0x109A2, 0x109A3, 0x109A4, 0x109A5, 0x109A6,
      0x109A7, 0x109A8, 0x109A9, 0x109AA, 0x109AB, 0x109AC, 0x109AD, 0x109AE,
      0x109AF, 0x109B0, 0x109B1, 0x109B2, 0x109B3, 0x109B4, 0x109B5, 0x109B6,
      0x109B7, 0x109BE, 0x109BF, 0x10A00, 0x10A10, 0x10A11, 0x10A12, 0x10A13,
      0x10A15, 0x10A16, 0x10A17, 0x10A19, 0x10A1A, 0x10A1B, 0x10A1C, 0x10A1D,
      0x10A1E, 0x10A1F, 0x10A20, 0x10A21, 0x10A22, 0x10A23, 0x10A24, 0x10A25,
      0x10A26, 0x10A27, 0x10A28, 0x10A29, 0x10A2A, 0x10A2B, 0x10A2C, 0x10A2D,
      0x10A2E, 0x10A2F, 0x10A30, 0x10A31, 0x10A32, 0x10A33, 0x10A40, 0x10A41,
      0x10A42, 0x10A43, 0x10A44, 0x10A45, 0x10A46, 0x10A47, 0x10A50, 0x10A51,
      0x10A52, 0x10A53, 0x10A54, 0x10A55, 0x10A56, 0x10A57, 0x10A58, 0x10A60,
      0x10A61, 0x10A62, 0x10A63, 0x10A64, 0x10A65, 0x10A66, 0x10A67, 0x10A68,
      0x10A69, 0x10A6A, 0x10A6B, 0x10A6C, 0x10A6D, 0x10A6E, 0x10A6F, 0x10A70,
      0x10A71, 0x10A72, 0x10A73, 0x10A74, 0x10A75, 0x10A76, 0x10A77, 0x10A78,
      0x10A79, 0x10A7A, 0x10A7B, 0x10A7C, 0x10A7D, 0x10A7E, 0x10A7F, 0x10B00,
      0x10B01, 0x10B02, 0x10B03, 0x10B04, 0x10B05, 0x10B06, 0x10B07, 0x10B08,
      0x10B09, 0x10B0A, 0x10B0B, 0x10B0C, 0x10B0D, 0x10B0E, 0x10B0F, 0x10B10,
      0x10B11, 0x10B12, 0x10B13, 0x10B14, 0x10B15, 0x10B16, 0x10B17, 0x10B18,
      0x10B19, 0x10B1A, 0x10B1B, 0x10B1C, 0x10B1D, 0x10B1E, 0x10B1F, 0x10B20,
      0x10B21, 0x10B22, 0x10B23, 0x10B24, 0x10B25, 0x10B26, 0x10B27, 0x10B28,
      0x10B29, 0x10B2A, 0x10B2B, 0x10B2C, 0x10B2D, 0x10B2E, 0x10B2F, 0x10B30,
      0x10B31, 0x10B32, 0x10B33, 0x10B34, 0x10B35, 0x10B40, 0x10B41, 0x10B42,
      0x10B43, 0x10B44, 0x10B45, 0x10B46, 0x10B47, 0x10B48, 0x10B49, 0x10B4A,
      0x10B4B, 0x10B4C, 0x10B4D, 0x10B4E, 0x10B4F, 0x10B50, 0x10B51, 0x10B52,
      0x10B53, 0x10B54, 0x10B55, 0x10B58, 0x10B59, 0x10B5A, 0x10B5B, 0x10B5C,
      0x10B5D, 0x10B5E, 0x10B5F, 0x10B60, 0x10B61, 0x10B62, 0x10B63, 0x10B64,
      0x10B65, 0x10B66, 0x10B67, 0x10B68, 0x10B69, 0x10B6A, 0x10B6B, 0x10B6C,
      0x10B6D, 0x10B6E, 0x10B6F, 0x10B70, 0x10B71, 0x10B72, 0x10B78, 0x10B79,
      0x10B7A, 0x10B7B, 0x10B7C, 0x10B7D, 0x10B7E, 0x10B7F, 0x10C00, 0x10C01,
      0x10C02, 0x10C03, 0x10C04, 0x10C05, 0x10C06, 0x10C07, 0x10C08, 0x10C09,
      0x10C0A, 0x10C0B, 0x10C0C, 0x10C0D, 0x10C0E, 0x10C0F, 0x10C10, 0x10C11,
      0x10C12, 0x10C13, 0x10C14, 0x10C15, 0x10C16, 0x10C17, 0x10C18, 0x10C19,
      0x10C1A, 0x10C1B, 0x10C1C, 0x10C1D, 0x10C1E, 0x10C1F, 0x10C20, 0x10C21,
      0x10C22, 0x10C23, 0x10C24, 0x10C25, 0x10C26, 0x10C27, 0x10C28, 0x10C29,
      0x10C2A, 0x10C2B, 0x10C2C, 0x10C2D, 0x10C2E, 0x10C2F, 0x10C30, 0x10C31,
      0x10C32, 0x10C33, 0x10C34, 0x10C35, 0x10C36, 0x10C37, 0x10C38, 0x10C39,
      0x10C3A, 0x10C3B, 0x10C3C, 0x10C3D, 0x10C3E, 0x10C3F, 0x10C40, 0x10C41,
      0x10C42, 0x10C43, 0x10C44, 0x10C45, 0x10C46, 0x10C47, 0x10C48, 0x1EE00,
      0x1EE01, 0x1EE02, 0x1EE03, 0x1EE05, 0x1EE06, 0x1EE07, 0x1EE08, 0x1EE09,
      0x1EE0A, 0x1EE0B, 0x1EE0C, 0x1EE0D, 0x1EE0E, 0x1EE0F, 0x1EE10, 0x1EE11,
      0x1EE12, 0x1EE13, 0x1EE14, 0x1EE15, 0x1EE16, 0x1EE17, 0x1EE18, 0x1EE19,
      0x1EE1A, 0x1EE1B, 0x1EE1C, 0x1EE1D, 0x1EE1E, 0x1EE1F, 0x1EE21, 0x1EE22,
      0x1EE24, 0x1EE27, 0x1EE29, 0x1EE2A, 0x1EE2B, 0x1EE2C, 0x1EE2D, 0x1EE2E,
      0x1EE2F, 0x1EE30, 0x1EE31, 0x1EE32, 0x1EE34, 0x1EE35, 0x1EE36, 0x1EE37,
      0x1EE39, 0x1EE3B, 0x1EE42, 0x1EE47, 0x1EE49, 0x1EE4B, 0x1EE4D, 0x1EE4E,
      0x1EE4F, 0x1EE51, 0x1EE52, 0x1EE54, 0x1EE57, 0x1EE59, 0x1EE5B, 0x1EE5D,
      0x1EE5F, 0x1EE61, 0x1EE62, 0x1EE64, 0x1EE67, 0x1EE68, 0x1EE69, 0x1EE6A,
      0x1EE6C, 0x1EE6D, 0x1EE6E, 0x1EE6F, 0x1EE70, 0x1EE71, 0x1EE72, 0x1EE74,
      0x1EE75, 0x1EE76, 0x1EE77, 0x1EE79, 0x1EE7A, 0x1EE7B, 0x1EE7C, 0x1EE7E,
      0x1EE80, 0x1EE81, 0x1EE82, 0x1EE83, 0x1EE84, 0x1EE85, 0x1EE86, 0x1EE87,
      0x1EE88, 0x1EE89, 0x1EE8B, 0x1EE8C, 0x1EE8D, 0x1EE8E, 0x1EE8F, 0x1EE90,
      0x1EE91, 0x1EE92, 0x1EE93, 0x1EE94, 0x1EE95, 0x1EE96, 0x1EE97, 0x1EE98,
      0x1EE99, 0x1EE9A, 0x1EE9B, 0x1EEA1, 0x1EEA2, 0x1EEA3, 0x1EEA5, 0x1EEA6,
      0x1EEA7, 0x1EEA8, 0x1EEA9, 0x1EEAB, 0x1EEAC, 0x1EEAD, 0x1EEAE, 0x1EEAF,
      0x1EEB0, 0x1EEB1, 0x1EEB2, 0x1EEB3, 0x1EEB4, 0x1EEB5, 0x1EEB6, 0x1EEB7,
      0x1EEB8, 0x1EEB9, 0x1EEBA, 0x1EEBB, 0x10FFFD];

  function determineBidi(cueDiv) {
    var nodeStack = [],
        text = "",

    if (!cueDiv || !cueDiv.childNodes) {
      return "ltr";

    function pushNodes(nodeStack, node) {
      for (var i = node.childNodes.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {

    function nextTextNode(nodeStack) {
      if (!nodeStack || !nodeStack.length) {
        return null;

      var node = nodeStack.pop(),
          text = node.textContent || node.innerText;
      if (text) {
        // TODO: This should match all unicode type B characters (paragraph
        // separator characters). See issue #115.
        var m = text.match(/^.*(\n|\r)/);
        if (m) {
          nodeStack.length = 0;
          return m[0];
        return text;
      if (node.tagName === "ruby") {
        return nextTextNode(nodeStack);
      if (node.childNodes) {
        pushNodes(nodeStack, node);
        return nextTextNode(nodeStack);

    pushNodes(nodeStack, cueDiv);
    while ((text = nextTextNode(nodeStack))) {
      for (var i = 0; i < text.length; i++) {
        charCode = text.charCodeAt(i);
        for (var j = 0; j < strongRTLChars.length; j++) {
          if (strongRTLChars[j] === charCode) {
            return "rtl";
    return "ltr";

  function StyleBox() {

  // Apply styles to a div. If there is no div passed then it defaults to the
  // div on 'this'.
  StyleBox.prototype.applyStyles = function(styles, div) {
    div = div || this.div;
    for (var prop in styles) {
      if (styles.hasOwnProperty(prop)) {[prop] = styles[prop];

  StyleBox.prototype.formatStyle = function(val, unit) {
    return val === 0 ? 0 : val + unit;

  // Constructs the computed display state of the cue (a div). Places the div
  // into the overlay which should be a block level element (usually a div).
  function CueStyleBox(window, cue, styleOptions) {
    var isIE8 = (typeof navigator !== "undefined") &&
    var color = "rgba(255, 255, 255, 1)";
    var backgroundColor = "rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8)";

    if (isIE8) {
      color = "rgb(255, 255, 255)";
      backgroundColor = "rgb(0, 0, 0)";
    this.cue = cue;

    // Parse our cue's text into a DOM tree rooted at 'cueDiv'. This div will
    // have inline positioning and will function as the cue background box.
    this.cueDiv = parseContent(window, cue.text);
    var styles = {
      color: color,
      backgroundColor: backgroundColor,
      position: "relative",
      left: 0,
      right: 0,
      top: 0,
      bottom: 0,
      display: "inline"

    if (!isIE8) {
      styles.writingMode = cue.vertical === "" ? "horizontal-tb"
                                               : cue.vertical === "lr" ? "vertical-lr"
                                                                       : "vertical-rl";
      styles.unicodeBidi = "plaintext";
    this.applyStyles(styles, this.cueDiv);

    // Create an absolutely positioned div that will be used to position the cue
    // div.
    this.div = window.document.createElement("div");
    styles = {
      textAlign: cue.align,
      font: styleOptions.font,
      whiteSpace: "pre-line",
      position: "absolute"

    if (!isIE8) {
      styles.direction = determineBidi(this.cueDiv);
      styles.writingMode = cue.vertical === "" ? "horizontal-tb"
                                               : cue.vertical === "lr" ? "vertical-lr"
                                                                       : "vertical-rl".
      stylesunicodeBidi =  "plaintext";



    // Calculate the distance from the reference edge of the viewport to the text
    // position of the cue box. The reference edge will be resolved later when
    // the box orientation styles are applied.
    var textPos = 0;
    switch (cue.computedPositionAlign) {
      // TODO : modify these fomula to follow the spec, see bug 1277437.
      case "line-left":
        textPos = cue.position;
      case "center":
        textPos = cue.position - (cue.size / 2);
      case "line-right":
        textPos = cue.position - cue.size;

    // Horizontal box orientation; textPos is the distance from the left edge of the
    // area to the left edge of the box and cue.size is the distance extending to
    // the right from there.
    if (cue.vertical === "") {
        left:  this.formatStyle(textPos, "%"),
        width: this.formatStyle(cue.size, "%")
    // Vertical box orientation; textPos is the distance from the top edge of the
    // area to the top edge of the box and cue.size is the height extending
    // downwards from there.
    } else {
        top: this.formatStyle(textPos, "%"),
        height: this.formatStyle(cue.size, "%")

    this.move = function(box) {
        top: this.formatStyle(, "px"),
        bottom: this.formatStyle(box.bottom, "px"),
        left: this.formatStyle(box.left, "px"),
        right: this.formatStyle(box.right, "px"),
        height: this.formatStyle(box.height, "px"),
        width: this.formatStyle(box.width, "px")
  CueStyleBox.prototype = _objCreate(StyleBox.prototype);
  CueStyleBox.prototype.constructor = CueStyleBox;

  // Represents the co-ordinates of an Element in a way that we can easily
  // compute things with such as if it overlaps or intersects with another Element.
  // Can initialize it with either a StyleBox or another BoxPosition.
  function BoxPosition(obj) {
    var isIE8 = (typeof navigator !== "undefined") &&

    // Either a BoxPosition was passed in and we need to copy it, or a StyleBox
    // was passed in and we need to copy the results of 'getBoundingClientRect'
    // as the object returned is readonly. All co-ordinate values are in reference
    // to the viewport origin (top left).
    var lh, height, width, top;
    if (obj.div) {
      height = obj.div.offsetHeight;
      width = obj.div.offsetWidth;
      top = obj.div.offsetTop;

      var rects = (rects = obj.div.childNodes) && (rects = rects[0]) &&
                  rects.getClientRects && rects.getClientRects();
      obj = obj.div.getBoundingClientRect();
      // In certain cases the outter div will be slightly larger then the sum of
      // the inner div's lines. This could be due to bold text, etc, on some platforms.
      // In this case we should get the average line height and use that. This will
      // result in the desired behaviour.
      lh = rects ? Math.max((rects[0] && rects[0].height) || 0, obj.height / rects.length)
                 : 0;

    this.left = obj.left;
    this.right = obj.right; = || top;
    this.height = obj.height || height;
    this.bottom = obj.bottom || (top + (obj.height || height));
    this.width = obj.width || width;
    this.lineHeight = lh !== undefined ? lh : obj.lineHeight;

    if (isIE8 && !this.lineHeight) {
      this.lineHeight = 13;

  // Move the box along a particular axis. Optionally pass in an amount to move
  // the box. If no amount is passed then the default is the line height of the
  // box.
  BoxPosition.prototype.move = function(axis, toMove) {
    toMove = toMove !== undefined ? toMove : this.lineHeight;
    switch (axis) {
    case "+x":
      this.left += toMove;
      this.right += toMove;
    case "-x":
      this.left -= toMove;
      this.right -= toMove;
    case "+y": += toMove;
      this.bottom += toMove;
    case "-y": -= toMove;
      this.bottom -= toMove;

  // Check if this box overlaps another box, b2.
  BoxPosition.prototype.overlaps = function(b2) {
    return this.left < b2.right &&
           this.right > b2.left &&
  < b2.bottom &&
           this.bottom >;

  // Check if this box overlaps any other boxes in boxes.
  BoxPosition.prototype.overlapsAny = function(boxes) {
    for (var i = 0; i < boxes.length; i++) {
      if (this.overlaps(boxes[i])) {
        return true;
    return false;

  // Check if this box is within another box.
  BoxPosition.prototype.within = function(container) {
    return >= &&
           this.bottom <= container.bottom &&
           this.left >= container.left &&
           this.right <= container.right;

  // Check if this box is entirely within the container or it is overlapping
  // on the edge opposite of the axis direction passed. For example, if "+x" is
  // passed and the box is overlapping on the left edge of the container, then
  // return true.
  BoxPosition.prototype.overlapsOppositeAxis = function(container, axis) {
    switch (axis) {
    case "+x":
      return this.left < container.left;
    case "-x":
      return this.right > container.right;
    case "+y":
      return <;
    case "-y":
      return this.bottom > container.bottom;

  // Find the percentage of the area that this box is overlapping with another
  // box.
  BoxPosition.prototype.intersectPercentage = function(b2) {
    var x = Math.max(0, Math.min(this.right, b2.right) - Math.max(this.left, b2.left)),
        y = Math.max(0, Math.min(this.bottom, b2.bottom) - Math.max(,,
        intersectArea = x * y;
    return intersectArea / (this.height * this.width);

  // Convert the positions from this box to CSS compatible positions using
  // the reference container's positions. This has to be done because this
  // box's positions are in reference to the viewport origin, whereas, CSS
  // values are in referecne to their respective edges.
  BoxPosition.prototype.toCSSCompatValues = function(reference) {
    return {
      top: -,
      bottom: reference.bottom - this.bottom,
      left: this.left - reference.left,
      right: reference.right - this.right,
      height: this.height,
      width: this.width

  // Get an object that represents the box's position without anything extra.
  // Can pass a StyleBox, HTMLElement, or another BoxPositon.
  BoxPosition.getSimpleBoxPosition = function(obj) {
    var height = obj.div ? obj.div.offsetHeight : obj.tagName ? obj.offsetHeight : 0;
    var width = obj.div ? obj.div.offsetWidth : obj.tagName ? obj.offsetWidth : 0;
    var top = obj.div ? obj.div.offsetTop : obj.tagName ? obj.offsetTop : 0;

    obj = obj.div ? obj.div.getBoundingClientRect() :
                  obj.tagName ? obj.getBoundingClientRect() : obj;
    var ret = {
      left: obj.left,
      right: obj.right,
      top: || top,
      height: obj.height || height,
      bottom: obj.bottom || (top + (obj.height || height)),
      width: obj.width || width
    return ret;

  // Move a StyleBox to its specified, or next best, position. The containerBox
  // is the box that contains the StyleBox, such as a div. boxPositions are
  // a list of other boxes that the styleBox can't overlap with.
  function moveBoxToLinePosition(window, styleBox, containerBox, boxPositions) {

    // Find the best position for a cue box, b, on the video. The axis parameter
    // is a list of axis, the order of which, it will move the box along. For example:
    // Passing ["+x", "-x"] will move the box first along the x axis in the positive
    // direction. If it doesn't find a good position for it there it will then move
    // it along the x axis in the negative direction.
    function findBestPosition(b, axis) {
      var bestPosition,
          specifiedPosition = new BoxPosition(b),
          percentage = 1; // Highest possible so the first thing we get is better.

      for (var i = 0; i < axis.length; i++) {
        while (b.overlapsOppositeAxis(containerBox, axis[i]) ||
               (b.within(containerBox) && b.overlapsAny(boxPositions))) {
        // We found a spot where we aren't overlapping anything. This is our
        // best position.
        if (b.within(containerBox)) {
          return b;
        var p = b.intersectPercentage(containerBox);
        // If we're outside the container box less then we were on our last try
        // then remember this position as the best position.
        if (percentage > p) {
          bestPosition = new BoxPosition(b);
          percentage = p;
        // Reset the box position to the specified position.
        b = new BoxPosition(specifiedPosition);
      return bestPosition || specifiedPosition;

    var boxPosition = new BoxPosition(styleBox),
        cue = styleBox.cue,
        linePos = cue.computedLine,
        axis = [];

    // If we have a line number to align the cue to.
    if (cue.snapToLines) {
      var size;
      switch (cue.vertical) {
      case "":
        axis = [ "+y", "-y" ];
        size = "height";
      case "rl":
        axis = [ "+x", "-x" ];
        size = "width";
      case "lr":
        axis = [ "-x", "+x" ];
        size = "width";

      var step = boxPosition.lineHeight,
          position = step * Math.round(linePos),
          maxPosition = containerBox[size] + step,
          initialAxis = axis[0];

      if (step == 0) {

      // If the specified intial position is greater then the max position then
      // clamp the box to the amount of steps it would take for the box to
      // reach the max position.
      if (Math.abs(position) > maxPosition) {
        position = position < 0 ? -1 : 1;
        position *= Math.ceil(maxPosition / step) * step;

      // If computed line position returns negative then line numbers are
      // relative to the bottom of the video instead of the top. Therefore, we
      // need to increase our initial position by the length or width of the
      // video, depending on the writing direction, and reverse our axis directions.
      if (linePos < 0) {
        position += cue.vertical === "" ? containerBox.height : containerBox.width;
        axis = axis.reverse();

      // Move the box to the specified position. This may not be its best
      // position.
      boxPosition.move(initialAxis, position);

    } else {
      // If we have a percentage line value for the cue.
      var calculatedPercentage = (boxPosition.lineHeight / containerBox.height) * 100;

      switch (cue.lineAlign) {
      case "center":
        linePos -= (calculatedPercentage / 2);
      case "end":
        linePos -= calculatedPercentage;

      // Apply initial line position to the cue box.
      switch (cue.vertical) {
      case "":
          top: styleBox.formatStyle(linePos, "%")
      case "rl":
          left: styleBox.formatStyle(linePos, "%")
      case "lr":
          right: styleBox.formatStyle(linePos, "%")

      axis = [ "+y", "-x", "+x", "-y" ];

      // Get the box position again after we've applied the specified positioning
      // to it.
      boxPosition = new BoxPosition(styleBox);

    var bestPosition = findBestPosition(boxPosition, axis);

  function WebVTT() {
    // Nothing

  // Helper to allow strings to be decoded instead of the default binary utf8 data.
  WebVTT.StringDecoder = function() {
    return {
      decode: function(data) {
        if (!data) {
          return "";
        if (typeof data !== "string") {
          throw new Error("Error - expected string data.");
        return decodeURIComponent(encodeURIComponent(data));

  WebVTT.convertCueToDOMTree = function(window, cuetext) {
    if (!window || !cuetext) {
      return null;
    return parseContent(window, cuetext);

  var FONT_SIZE_PERCENT = 0.05;
  var FONT_STYLE = "sans-serif";

  // Runs the processing model over the cues and regions passed to it.
  // @param overlay A block level element (usually a div) that the computed cues
  //                and regions will be placed into.
  // @param controls  A Control bar element. Cues' position will be
  //                 affected and repositioned according to it.
  WebVTT.processCues = function(window, cues, overlay, controls) {
    if (!window || !cues || !overlay) {
      return null;

    // Remove all previous children.
    while (overlay.firstChild) {

    var controlBar;
    var controlBarShown;

    if (controls) {
      controlBar = controls.ownerDocument.getAnonymousElementByAttribute(
        controls, "class", "controlBar");
      controlBarShown = controlBar ? !!controlBar.clientHeight : false;

    var paddedOverlay = window.document.createElement("div"); = "absolute"; = "0"; = "0"; = "0"; = "0"; = CUE_BACKGROUND_PADDING;

    // Determine if we need to compute the display states of the cues. This could
    // be the case if a cue's state has been changed since the last computation or
    // if it has not been computed yet.
    function shouldCompute(cues) {
      if (controlBarShown) {
        return true;

      for (var i = 0; i < cues.length; i++) {
        if (cues[i].hasBeenReset || !cues[i].displayState) {
          return true;
      return false;

    // We don't need to recompute the cues' display states. Just reuse them.
    if (!shouldCompute(cues)) {
      for (var i = 0; i < cues.length; i++) {

    var boxPositions = [],
        containerBox = BoxPosition.getSimpleBoxPosition(paddedOverlay),
        fontSize = Math.round(containerBox.height * FONT_SIZE_PERCENT * 100) / 100;
    var styleOptions = {
      font: fontSize + "px " + FONT_STYLE

    (function() {
      var styleBox, cue;

      if (controlBarShown) {
        // Add an empty output box that cover the same region as video control bar.

      for (var i = 0; i < cues.length; i++) {
        cue = cues[i];

        // Compute the intial position and styles of the cue div.
        styleBox = new CueStyleBox(window, cue, styleOptions);

        // Move the cue div to it's correct line position.
        moveBoxToLinePosition(window, styleBox, containerBox, boxPositions);

        // Remember the computed div so that we don't have to recompute it later
        // if we don't have too.
        cue.displayState = styleBox.div;


  WebVTT.Parser = function(window, decoder) {
    this.window = window;
    this.state = "INITIAL";
    this.buffer = "";
    this.decoder = decoder || new TextDecoder("utf8");
    this.regionList = [];

  WebVTT.Parser.prototype = {
    // If the error is a ParsingError then report it to the consumer if
    // possible. If it's not a ParsingError then throw it like normal.
    reportOrThrowError: function(e) {
      if (e instanceof ParsingError) {
        this.onparsingerror && this.onparsingerror(e);
      } else {
        throw e;
    parse: function (data) {
      var self = this;

      // If there is no data then we won't decode it, but will just try to parse
      // whatever is in buffer already. This may occur in circumstances, for
      // example when flush() is called.
      if (data) {
        // Try to decode the data that we received.
        self.buffer += self.decoder.decode(data, {stream: true});

      function collectNextLine() {
        var buffer = self.buffer;
        var pos = 0;
        while (pos < buffer.length && buffer[pos] !== '\r' && buffer[pos] !== '\n') {
        var line = buffer.substr(0, pos);
        // Advance the buffer early in case we fail below.
        if (buffer[pos] === '\r') {
        if (buffer[pos] === '\n') {
        self.buffer = buffer.substr(pos);
        return line;

      function createCueIfNeeded() {
        if (!self.cue) {
          self.cue = new self.window.VTTCue(0, 0, "");

      // Parsing cue identifier and the identifier should be unique.
      // Return true if the input is a cue identifier.
      function parseCueIdentifier(input) {
        if (maybeIsTimeStampFormat(line)) {
          self.state = "CUE";
          return false;

        // TODO : ensure the cue identifier is unique among all cue identifiers. = containsTimeDirectionSymbol(input) ? "" : input;
        self.state = "CUE";
        return true;

      // Parsing the timestamp and cue settings.
      // See spec,
      function parseCueMayThrow(input) {
        try {
          parseCue(input, self.cue, self.regionList);
          self.state = "CUETEXT";
        } catch (e) {
          // In case of an error ignore rest of the cue.
          self.cue = null;
          self.state = "BADCUE";

      // 3.4 WebVTT region and WebVTT region settings syntax
      function parseRegion(input) {
        var settings = new Settings();

        parseOptions(input, function (k, v) {
          switch (k) {
          case "id":
            settings.set(k, v);
          case "width":
            settings.percent(k, v);
          case "lines":
            settings.digitsValue(k, v);
          case "regionanchor":
          case "viewportanchor":
            var xy = v.split(',');
            if (xy.length !== 2) {
            // We have to make sure both x and y parse, so use a temporary
            // settings object here.
            var anchor = new Settings();
            anchor.percent("x", xy[0]);
            anchor.percent("y", xy[1]);
            if (!anchor.has("x") || !anchor.has("y")) {
            settings.set(k + "X", anchor.get("x"));
            settings.set(k + "Y", anchor.get("y"));
          case "scroll":
            settings.alt(k, v, ["up"]);
        }, /=/, /\s/);

        // Create the region, using default values for any values that were not
        // specified.
        if (settings.has("id")) {
          var region = new self.window.VTTRegion();
          region.width = settings.get("width", 100);
          region.lines = settings.get("lines", 3);
          region.regionAnchorX = settings.get("regionanchorX", 0);
          region.regionAnchorY = settings.get("regionanchorY", 100);
          region.viewportAnchorX = settings.get("viewportanchorX", 0);
          region.viewportAnchorY = settings.get("viewportanchorY", 100);
          region.scroll = settings.get("scroll", "");
          // Register the region.
          self.onregion && self.onregion(region);
          // Remember the VTTRegion for later in case we parse any VTTCues that
          // reference it.
            id: settings.get("id"),
            region: region

      // Parsing the WebVTT signature, it contains parsing algo step1 to step9.
      // See spec,
      function parseSignatureMayThrow(input) {
        let signature = collectNextLine();
        if (!/^WEBVTT([ \t].*)?$/.test(signature)) {
          throw new ParsingError(ParsingError.Errors.BadSignature);
        } else {
          self.state = "HEADER";

      // Parsing the region and style information.
      // See spec,
      // There are sereval things would appear in header,
      //   1. Region or Style setting
      //   2. Garbage (meaningless string)
      //   3. Empty line
      //   4. Cue's timestamp
      // The case 4 happens when there is no line interval between the header
      // and the cue blocks. In this case, we should preserve the line and
      // return it for the next phase parsing.
      function parseHeader() {
        let line = null;
        while (self.buffer && self.state === "HEADER") {
          line = collectNextLine();

          if (/^REGION|^STYLE/i.test(line)) {
            parseOptions(line, function (k, v) {
              switch (k.toUpperCase()) {
              case "REGION":
              case "STYLE":
                // TODO : not supported yet.
            }, ":");
          } else if (maybeIsTimeStampFormat(line)) {
            self.state = "CUE";
          } else if (!line ||
                     onlyContainsWhiteSpaces(line) ||
                     containsTimeDirectionSymbol(line)) {
            // empty line, whitespaces or string contains "-->"

        // End parsing header part and doesn't see the timestamp.
        if (self.state === "HEADER") {
          self.state = "ID";
          line = null
        return line;

      // 5.1 WebVTT file parsing.
      try {
        if (self.state === "INITIAL") {

        var line;
        if (self.state === "HEADER") {
          line = parseHeader();

        while (self.buffer) {
          if (!line) {
            line = collectNextLine();

          switch (self.state) {
          case "ID":
            // Ignore NOTE and line terminator
            if (/^NOTE($|[ \t])/.test(line) || !line) {
            // If there is no cue identifier, keep the line and reuse this line
            // in next iteration.
            if (!parseCueIdentifier(line)) {
          case "CUE":
          case "CUETEXT":
            // Report the cue when (1) get an empty line (2) get the "-->""
            if (!line || containsTimeDirectionSymbol(line)) {
              // We are done parsing self cue.
              self.oncue && self.oncue(self.cue);
              self.cue = null;
              self.state = "ID";
              // Keep the line and reuse this line in next iteration.
            if (self.cue.text) {
              self.cue.text += "\n";
            self.cue.text += line;
          case "BADCUE": // BADCUE
            // 54-62 - Collect and discard the remaining cue.
            if (!line) {
              self.state = "ID";
          // The line was already parsed, empty it to ensure we can get the
          // new line in next iteration.
          line = null;
      } catch (e) {

        // If we are currently parsing a cue, report what we have.
        if (self.state === "CUETEXT" && self.cue && self.oncue) {
        self.cue = null;
        // Enter BADWEBVTT state if header was not parsed correctly otherwise
        // another exception occurred so enter BADCUE state.
        self.state = self.state === "INITIAL" ? "BADWEBVTT" : "BADCUE";
      return this;
    flush: function () {
      var self = this;
      try {
        // Finish decoding the stream.
        self.buffer += self.decoder.decode();
        // Synthesize the end of the current cue or region.
        if (self.cue || self.state === "HEADER") {
          self.buffer += "\n\n";
        // If we've flushed, parsed, and we're still on the INITIAL state then
        // that means we don't have enough of the stream to parse the first
        // line.
        if (self.state === "INITIAL") {
          throw new ParsingError(ParsingError.Errors.BadSignature);
      } catch(e) {
      self.onflush && self.onflush();
      return this;

  global.WebVTT = WebVTT;