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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIURI;
interface nsIDOMNode;
interface nsIDOMDocument;
interface nsIDOMLoadStatus;

[scriptable, uuid(e0785ebb-b3a1-426a-a70e-be2b923e973e)]
interface nsIOfflineCacheUpdateObserver : nsISupports {
   * An item has finished loading.
   * @param aItem load status for the item that completed.
  void itemCompleted(in nsIDOMLoadStatus aItem);

 * An nsIOfflineCacheUpdate is used to update a domain's offline resources.
 * It can be used to perform partial or complete updates.
 * Each update object maintains a list of nsIDOMLoadStatus items for the
 * resources it is updating.  The list of these items will be available
 * after the object is scheduled.
 * One update object will be updating at a time.  The active object will
 * load its items one by one, sending itemCompleted() to any registered
 * observers.
[scriptable, uuid(7dc06ede-1098-4384-b95e-65525ab254c9)]
interface nsIOfflineCacheUpdate : nsISupports {
   * The domain being updated, and the domain that will own any URIs added
   * with this update.
  readonly attribute ACString updateDomain;

   * The URI that will own any URIs added by this update
  readonly attribute ACString ownerURI;

   * Initialize the update.
   * @param aPartialUpdate
   *        TRUE if the update should just update the URIs given to it,
   *        FALSE if all URLs for the owner domain should be added.
   * @param aUpdateDomain
   *        The domain which is being updated, and which will own any
   *        URIs added.
   * @param aOwnerURI
   *        The owner URI for any URIs added.
   * @param aReferrerURI
   *        The page that is requesting the update.
  void init(in boolean aPartialUpdate,
            in ACString aUpdateDomain,
            in ACString aOwnerURI,
            in nsIURI aReferrerURI);

   * Add a URI to the offline cache as part of the update.
   * @param aURI
   *        The URI to add.
   * @param aSource
   *        The DOM node (<link> tag) associated with this node (for
   *        implementing nsIDOMLoadStatus).
  void addURI(in nsIURI aURI, in nsIDOMNode aSource);

   * Add the update to the offline update queue.  An offline-cache-update-added
   * event will be sent to the observer service.
  void schedule();

   * Request that the update be scheduled when a document finishes loading.
   * @param aDocument
   *        When this document finishes loading, the update will be scheduled.
  void scheduleOnDocumentStop(in nsIDOMDocument aDocument);

   * Access to the list of items in the update.
  readonly attribute unsigned long count;
  nsIDOMLoadStatus item(in unsigned long index);

   * Observe loads that are added to the update.
   * @param aObserver
   *        object that notifications will be sent to.
   * @param aHoldWeak
   *        TRUE if you want the update to hold a weak reference to the
   *        observer, FALSE for a strong reference.
  void addObserver(in nsIOfflineCacheUpdateObserver aObserver,
                   in boolean aHoldWeak);

   * Remove an observer from the update.
   * @param aObserver
   *        the observer to remove.
  void removeObserver(in nsIOfflineCacheUpdateObserver aObserver);

[scriptable, uuid(f99ca10f-5cde-4966-b845-433f2921a201)]
interface nsIOfflineCacheUpdateService : nsISupports {
     * Access to the list of cache updates that have been scheduled.
    readonly attribute unsigned long numUpdates;
    nsIOfflineCacheUpdate getUpdate(in unsigned long index);