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#include "mozilla/ModuleUtils.h"
#include "nsIClassInfoImpl.h"

#include "nsSample.h"

// With the below sample, you can define an implementation glue
// that talks with xpcom for creation of component nsSampleImpl
// that implement the interface nsISample. This can be extended for
// any number of components.

// Define the contructor function for the object nsSampleImpl
// What this does is defines a function nsSampleImplConstructor which we
// will specific in the nsModuleComponentInfo table. This function will
// be used by the generic factory to create an instance of nsSampleImpl.
// NOTE: This creates an instance of nsSampleImpl by using the default
//		 constructor nsSampleImpl::nsSampleImpl()

// The following line defines a kNS_SAMPLE_CID CID variable.

// Build a table of ClassIDs (CIDs) which are implemented by this module. CIDs
// should be completely unique UUIDs.
// each entry has the form { CID, service, factoryproc, constructorproc }
// where factoryproc is usually NULL.
static const mozilla::Module::CIDEntry kSampleCIDs[] = {
    { &kNS_SAMPLE_CID, false, NULL, nsSampleImplConstructor },
    { NULL }

// Build a table which maps contract IDs to CIDs.
// A contract is a string which identifies a particular set of functionality. In some
// cases an extension component may override the contract ID of a builtin gecko component
// to modify or extend functionality.
static const mozilla::Module::ContractIDEntry kSampleContracts[] = {
    { NULL }

// Category entries are category/key/value triples which can be used
// to register contract ID as content handlers or to observe certain
// notifications. Most modules do not need to register any category
// entries: this is just a sample of how you'd do it.
// @see nsICategoryManager for information on retrieving category data.
static const mozilla::Module::CategoryEntry kSampleCategories[] = {
    { "my-category", "my-key", NS_SAMPLE_CONTRACTID },
    { NULL }

static const mozilla::Module kSampleModule = {

// The following line implements the one-and-only "NSModule" symbol exported from this
// shared library.
NSMODULE_DEFN(nsSampleModule) = &kSampleModule;

// The following line implements the one-and-only "NSGetModule" symbol
// for compatibility with mozilla 1.9.2. You should only use this
// if you need a binary which is backwards-compatible and if you use
// interfaces carefully across multiple versions.