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Bug 587318: Only pad horizontal glyph metrics. r=jdaggett

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#ifndef nsXPCOMCIDInternal_h__
#define nsXPCOMCIDInternal_h__

#include "nsXPCOMCID.h"

 * A hashtable-based property bag component.
 * @implements nsIWritablePropertyBag, nsIWritablePropertyBag2
{ 0x678c50b8, 0x6bcb, 0x4ad0, \
{ 0xb9, 0xb8, 0xc8, 0x11, 0x75, 0x95, 0x51, 0x99 } }
#define NS_HASH_PROPERTY_BAG_CONTRACTID "@mozilla.org/hash-property-bag;1"

 * Factory for creating nsIUnicharInputStream
 * @implements nsIUnicharInputStreamFactory
 * @note nsIUnicharInputStream instances cannot be created via
 *       createInstance. Code must use one of the custom factory methods.

 * The global thread manager service.  This component is a singleton.
 * @implements nsIThreadManager
#define NS_THREADMANAGER_CONTRACTID "@mozilla.org/thread-manager;1"

 * A thread pool component.
 * @implements nsIThreadPool
#define NS_THREADPOOL_CONTRACTID "@mozilla.org/thread-pool;1"

 * The global proxy object manager.  This component is a singleton.
 * @implement nsIProxyObjectManager
#define NS_XPCOMPROXY_CONTRACTID "@mozilla.org/xpcomproxy;1"

 * The contract id for the nsIXULAppInfo service.

 * The contract id for the nsIXULRuntime service.

#endif  // nsXPCOMCIDInternal_h__