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Bug 587318: Only pad horizontal glyph metrics. r=jdaggett

This is the ANGLE project, from

Current revision: r367

Local patches:
    angle-nspr.patch - use NSPR for TLS

    angle-shared.patch - add declspec dllexport/dllimport support on win32

    angle-sunstudio.patch - Fix compilation with Sun Studio on Solaris

    fix-compile.patch - Remove some trailing commas

To regenerate the flex/yacc generated files:

flex --noline --nounistd --outfile=generated/glslang.cpp src/compiler/glslang.l
bison --no-lines --defines=generated/glslang_tab.h --skeleton=yacc.c --output=generated/glslang_tab.cpp src/compiler/glslang.y