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 * Provides information about global history to gecko. 
 * @note  This interface replaces and deprecates nsIGlobalHistory.

#include "nsISupports.idl"
interface nsIURI;

%{ C++

// nsIObserver topic to fire when you add new visited URIs to the history;
// the nsIURI is the subject
#define NS_LINK_VISITED_EVENT_TOPIC "link-visited"


[scriptable, uuid(cf777d42-1270-4b34-be7b-2931c93feda5)]
interface nsIGlobalHistory2 : nsISupports
     * Add a URI to global history
     * @param aURI      the URI of the page
     * @param aRedirect whether the URI was redirected to another location;
     *                  this is 'true' for the original URI which is
     *                  redirected.
     * @param aToplevel whether the URI is loaded in a top-level window
     * @param aReferrer the URI of the referring page
     * @note  Docshell will not filter out URI schemes like chrome: data:
     *        about: and view-source:.  Embedders should consider filtering out
     *        these schemes and others, e.g. mailbox: for the main URI and the
     *        referrer.
    void addURI(in nsIURI aURI, in boolean aRedirect, in boolean aToplevel, in nsIURI aReferrer);

     * Checks to see whether the given URI is in history.
     * @param aURI the uri to the page
     * @return true if a URI has been visited
    boolean isVisited(in nsIURI aURI);

     * Set the page title for the given uri. URIs that are not already in
     * global history will not be added.
     * @param aURI    the URI for which to set to the title
     * @param aTitle  the page title
    void setPageTitle(in nsIURI aURI, in AString aTitle);