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Bug 1209162 - Create OriginAttributes subtypes. IGNORE IDL r=sicking.

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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#ifndef nsCollationMacUC_h_
#define nsCollationMacUC_h_

#include "nsICollation.h"
#include "nsCollation.h"
#include "mozilla/Attributes.h"

#include "unicode/ucol.h"
#include <Carbon/Carbon.h>

// Maximum number of characters for a buffer to remember 
// the generated collation key.
const uint32_t kCacheSize = 128;
// According to the documentation, the length of the key should typically be
// at least 5 * textLength, but 6* would be safer.
const uint32_t kCollationValueSizeFactor = 6;

class nsCollationMacUC final : public nsICollation {


  // nsISupports interface

  // nsICollation interface


  nsresult ConvertLocaleICU(nsILocale* aNSLocale, char** aICULocale);
  nsresult ConvertLocale(nsILocale* aNSLocale, LocaleRef* aMacLocale);
  nsresult ConvertStrength(const int32_t aStrength,
                           UCollationStrength* aStrengthOut,
                           UColAttributeValue* aCaseLevelOut);
  nsresult StrengthToOptions(const int32_t aStrength,
                             UCCollateOptions* aOptions);
  nsresult EnsureCollator(const int32_t newStrength);
  nsresult CleanUpCollator(void);

  bool mInit;
  bool mHasCollator;
  char* mLocaleICU;
  LocaleRef mLocale;
  int32_t mLastStrength;
  UCollator* mCollatorICU;
  CollatorRef mCollator;
  void *mBuffer; // temporary buffer to generate collation keys
  uint32_t mBufferLen; // byte length of buffer
  bool mUseICU;

#endif  /* nsCollationMacUC_h_ */