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Fri Apr 01 21:29:34 2011 +0000
062e9361345ee66491c5dc29c23c8b5bec655f2bTim Taubert — Bug 635975 - Older jetpack addons cause tabs to become totally disorganized in Panorama [r=ian a=dveditz]
7124cc6d660d52174328694b8f74447a9d71d938Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 638171 - FireFox does not read Java Plugin Info.plist correctly.; r=jst,joshmoz a=dveditz
f026ed05192127db1a1b6c3df5897310621742caCameron McCormack — Bug 638756 - Stop occasional crashes when using mouse wheel when the Elantech touchpad hack is enabled r=jmathies a=dveditz
d4b16b847d9228a6cb54cc8656e8ef1e8e5f86e1Bas Schouten — Bug 639885 - Don't use named Windows kernel objects because they will cause conflicts when running multiple Firefox processes concurrently; r=jrmuizel a=dveditz
6290ce593e017d084db64d3ac80322b956b832b9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 640652 - When unsetting an attribute on a XUL element, don't let the script blocker to be removed when the document nested update count is 0, since that can trigger XBL bindings, which may run scripts to do things which would lead into crashes; r=sicking a=dveditz