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Thu Mar 17 19:40:33 2011 +0000
f1e737134d9a339acef8be71cf006413e41df4f7Benoit Jacob — Bug 641630. r=ted, a=respin
Thu Mar 17 17:30:05 2011 +0000
6fa11ee33b1109bdc7c26d3b1fcb796822f3157fffxbld — Added tag FIREFOX_4_0_RELEASE for changeset FIREFOX_4_0rc1_RELEASE. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20_2011030313_RELBRANCH
Tue Mar 15 22:35:07 2011 +0000
370a96cc2d171cbdeaf46a743beb058a49fda5d4Nick Thomas — Create UPDATE_PACKAGING_R11_1_MU tag on 138f593553b6 for major updates to Fx4, a=beltzner NPOTB DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
Thu Mar 03 21:48:57 2011 +0000
7bad0d9a9448d1c332236f290709ef8367c7e269ffxbld — Automated checkin: version bump for firefox 4.0rc1 release. CLOSED TREE a=release
cd9f85acd6bfe7e45b2041df07bb9f67199b0457ffxbld — Added tag FIREFOX_4_0rc1_BUILD1 for changeset 5f8f494a4c29. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20_2011030313_RELBRANCH
69d71e70628f72779a1e583090b6e315377f638dffxbld — Added tag FIREFOX_4_0rc1_RELEASE for changeset 5f8f494a4c29. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20_2011030313_RELBRANCH
5f8f494a4c29fd8a46d98cb6a18d63793951181fffxbld — Automated checkin: version bump for firefox 4.0rc1 release. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20_2011030313_RELBRANCH FIREFOX_4_0rc1_BUILD1 FIREFOX_4_0rc1_RELEASE
Thu Mar 03 20:27:22 2011 +0000
e56ecd8b3a68c158025207c5fd081d043e28f5ceBen Hearsum — No-op comment change to trigger Talos after update. r=NPOTB a=NPOTB GECKO_2_0_BASE
290712e55ade900bdaf71c6701aa9f25220c983bJeff Walden — Bug 637859. Anchor a string for a bit. r=cdleary, a=bsmedberg
770e2709cff513f8690c27cd0c78d7a62849847cHenri Sivonen — Test for bug 638318 - Test that a byte run that has more than 1024 zeros but one non-zero byte among them before the 1024 byte limit does not sniff as UTF-16LE/BE. r=bzbarsky, a=test-only.
ed9c526f93b5373ff45415ccba4232369c82f645Henri Sivonen — Bug 638318 - Require all zero bytes to be in either odd or even position when sniffing for UTF-16BE/LE-encoded Basic Latin. r=bz, a=beltzner
a6eb991e7f05e82f1361c11412b8e86d43f0a551Dave Townsend — Bug 638113: Add-ons manager does not return results when searching for preliminarily reviewed add-ons. r=robstrong, a=dolske
646c6004d9d6bdd54a788fdfc4fb3b15cb7b8bf5Benoit Jacob — Bug 635059 - Update WebGL test suite to version 1.0.0 from - a=NPOTB
fb4921333812647a158ba862cf6d9d9507f30287Benoit Jacob — Bug 635068 - WebGL test array-unit-tests.html fails - r=dmandelin+vlad, a=blocking2.0
195a7aceb72b4e52d7110655408bc19a1f5aad13Benoit Jacob — Bug 635068 - WebGL test array-unit-tests.html fails - r=jag, a=blocking2.0
779f2ca8eb0c512b0699e08936a6cd6ab18dfe1aMarco Bonardo — Bug 551538 - intermittend timeout in browser_bookmarksProperties.js
61d11ecb169b1423ffe2ad425b4b7322be1fcc7bMarco Bonardo — Bug 467997 - browser_sanitize-timespans.js random failure when crossing midnight.
82912051f4231d8e35148efdae25f41f9374deb5Marco Bonardo — Bug 619689 - Intermittent browser_sidebarpanels_click.js | Item is visited followed by timeout and havoc in other tests.
0d3e9943f4635971130aecbb2a0a1c18d076caf3Dão Gottwald — Bug 631491 - toolbar's iconsize attribute is not updated correctly after switching themes. r+a=dolske
39982a2ba3446d77c210c2d0eff85bfb261540a9Dão Gottwald — Bug 586212 - Don't carry out the command when clicking on a disabled splitmenu. r=dolske
f76fac2730054ea2b0eb9dc1fe4c44dd1ebfe11cL. David Baron — Don't return NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_INPUT when given an empty source buffer. (Bug 638236) r=smontagu a2.0=blocking
7570423a050f884c528033fcb6196be2baf3d864Alexander Surkov — Bug 638106 - CKEditor document should be editable, r=davidb, a=final+
c046188bb2f968cc0b45e1e9749e7bcb01f9815dPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge services-central with mozilla-central. a=blocking-fennec
ab61ff6bdf9e35d867e0394faa18d2de71e27efaPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge fx-sync
bf00bb0056ce8906d977bb7b1b351a5647a948f1Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 636673 - Avoid accessing 'arguments' in code that's called a lot. r=rnewman a=blocking-fennec
e88c9b6c4ebded349b55beecb37dce566dcde827Richard Newman — Bug 618496: memoization of PK11SymKey. r=philiKON
0bea44f90d6d42ec0b617a4f116fb452d9582f61Richard Newman — Bug 618496: Revisit memoization of SECItems. r=philiKON
ab322645172b7f94a0af3089952b8e3f0c553a99Richard Newman — Bug 618496: remove algorithm adaptability in WeaveCrypto. r=philiKON
aa2115807bded25ec70be41d2655f930f8996837Richard Newman — Bug 618496: stripping out unused WeaveCrypto attributes. r=philiKON
e79b2b60d39488dfc295fc56345d35c0e7b328d3Olli Pettay — Fix bug 635776. r=bz, a=jst
e633e7a4af4b7ce6a45921b051eb24f4f652a81cFrank Yan — Bug 570279 - Tab+NavBar Connecting Curve Adjustments. r=dolske ui-r=shorlander a=beltzner
8be874c41712dd04f1e19d89aa9e19c0cf02c2eeL. David Baron — Fix converter stream part of bug 638236. r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking
3404db11fbea366cefd0587b5f29db85db253649Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 638276 - Correct the name of the member variable in the comment for the nsTextEditorState class; a=doh!
bde96a66842976a7c9213111f044044b0cdbb51dEhsan Akhgari — Landing a bunch of patches while keeping the CLOSED TREE to make sure that the Windows builders issue is fixed; a=nthomas on #build
2a993660946f62144028b0087007c6677019430dHonza Bambas — Bug 638218 - Asynchronous policy-uri fetching causes connection problems when using NTML proxy; r=dveditz a=hardblocker
bb7ae274c2711c69c4a775397a4e37033d3562a6Margaret Leibovic — Bug 638116 - use different background gradient colors in split menu buttons in Firefox Button [r=dao, a=beltzner]
000fe7de6636c3ca63353faf9f7cf922e47e9f05Dão Gottwald — Bug 631270: move status panel to the opposite side of the screen when the findbar is open, to avoid it obscuring find results in the common case of them being at the bottom left of the screen, r=gavin, ui-r=beltzner, a=beltzner