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Bug 519186 - drag & drop in bookmarks menu does not correctly update the view, r=mano This is a regression from bug 498130.

#!/usr/bin/env perl
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# ***** END LICENSE BLOCK *****

sub usage {
  warn "usage: <checkout_command>\n"
      ."       <checkout_command> is the entire cvs co command\n"
      ."             (e.g. cvs -q -z3 co SeaMonkeyAll).\n";

usage(), die "Error: Not enough arguments\n" if $#ARGV < 0;
usage(), die "Error: Wrong cwd. Must chdir to mozilla/..\n" 
  unless -r 'mozilla/config/';

$co_command = join ' ', @ARGV;

$logfile     = 'cvslog.txt';
$old_logfile = 'cvslog-old.txt';

sub dblprint {
  print LOG @_;
  print STDERR @_;

if (-r $logfile) {
  rename $logfile, $old_logfile;
  print "rename $logfile, $old_logfile\n";

open LOG,   ">$logfile";
open CVSCO, "$co_command|";

dblprint "\ncheckout start: ".scalar(localtime)."\n";
dblprint "$co_command | tee cvslog.txt\n";

while (<CVSCO>) {
  dblprint $_;
  push @conflicts, $_ if /^C /;

if (@conflicts) {
  print "Error: cvs conflicts during checkout:\n";
  die join('', @conflicts);

close(CVSCO) or die "cvs error.\n";
dblprint 'checkout finish: '.scalar(localtime)."\n";