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/* class to notify frames of background image loads */

#include "nsStubImageDecoderObserver.h"

class nsPresContext;
class nsIFrame;
class nsIURI;

#include "imgIRequest.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"

class nsImageLoader : public nsStubImageDecoderObserver
  virtual ~nsImageLoader();


  // imgIDecoderObserver (override nsStubImageDecoderObserver)
  NS_IMETHOD OnStartContainer(imgIRequest *aRequest, imgIContainer *aImage);
  NS_IMETHOD OnStopFrame(imgIRequest *aRequest, gfxIImageFrame *aFrame);
  // Do not override OnDataAvailable since background images are not
  // displayed incrementally; they are displayed after the entire image
  // has been loaded.
  // Note: Images referenced by the <img> element are displayed
  // incrementally in nsImageFrame.cpp.

  // imgIContainerObserver (override nsStubImageDecoderObserver)
  NS_IMETHOD FrameChanged(imgIContainer *aContainer, gfxIImageFrame *newframe,
                          nsRect * dirtyRect);

  void Init(nsIFrame *aFrame, nsPresContext *aPresContext,
            PRBool aReflowOnLoad);
  nsresult Load(imgIRequest *aImage);

  void Destroy();

  nsIFrame *GetFrame() { return mFrame; }
  imgIRequest *GetRequest() { return mRequest; }

  void RedrawDirtyFrame(const nsRect* aDamageRect);

  nsIFrame *mFrame;
  nsPresContext *mPresContext;
  nsCOMPtr<imgIRequest> mRequest;
  PRBool mReflowOnLoad;