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Landing basic framework for dtrace support (bug 388564). Patch by john.rice@sun.com and padraig.obriain@sun.com. r+a=ted.mielczarek@gmail.com, sr=sayrer@gmail.com

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#ifndef ipcMessageWriter_h__
#define ipcMessageWriter_h__

#include "prtypes.h"

// ipcMessageWriter
// Creates a block of memory and resizes it in order to hold writes. The
// block will be freed when this object is destroyed. Bytes are written in
// native endianess, as ipcMessageReader reads them in native endianess.

class ipcMessageWriter
                  ipcMessageWriter(PRUint32 initialCapacity) :
                    mBufPtr(NULL), mBufEnd(NULL),

                  // Returns PR_TRUE if an error has occured at any point
                  // during the lifetime of this object, due to the buffer
                  // not being able to be grown to the required size.
  PRBool          HasError()
                  { return mError; }

  void            PutInt8(PRUint8 val);
  void            PutInt16(PRUint16 val);
  void            PutInt32(PRUint32 val);  
  PRUint32        PutBytes(const void* src, PRUint32 n);

                  // Returns the beginning of the buffer. Do not free this.
  PRUint8*        GetBuffer()
                  { return mBuf; }

  PRInt32         GetSize()
                  { return mBufPtr - mBuf; }

  PRBool          EnsureCapacity(PRInt32 sizeNeeded)
                    return (mBuf && ((mBufPtr + sizeNeeded) <= mBufEnd)) ?
                      PR_TRUE : GrowCapacity(sizeNeeded);
  PRBool          GrowCapacity(PRInt32 sizeNeeded);

  PRUint8         *mBuf;
  PRUint8         *mBufPtr, *mBufEnd;
  PRInt32         mCapacity;
  PRBool          mError;

#endif // ipcMessageWriter_h__