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#!/usr/bin/env perl

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# ***** END LICENSE BLOCK *****

# - Reads in dependencies generated my -MD flag. Prints list
#   of objects that need to be rebuilt. These can then be added to the
#   PHONY target. Using this script copes with the problem of header
#   files that have been removed from the build.
# Usage:
# <output_file> <dependency_files...>
# Send comments, improvements, bugs to Steve Lamm (

#$debug = 1;

$outfile = shift @ARGV;
my $silent = $ENV{MAKEFLAGS} =~ /^\w*s|\s-s/;

# Parse dependency files
while ($line = <>) {
  chomp $line;
  # Remove extra ^M caused by using dos-mode line-endings
  chop $line if (substr($line, -1, 1) eq "\r");
  ($obj,$rest) = split /\s*:\s+/, $line, 2;
  next if $obj eq '';

  if ($line =~ /\\$/) {
    chop $rest;
    $hasSlash = 1;
  } else {
    $hasSlash = 0;
  push @{$alldeps{$obj}}, split /\s+/, $rest;
  print "add $obj $rest\n" if $debug;

  while ($hasSlash and $line = <>) {
    chomp $line;
    if ($line =~ /\\$/) {
      chop $line;
    } else {
      $hasSlash = 0;
    $line =~ s/^\s+//;
    push @{$alldeps{$obj}}, split /\s+/, $line;
    print "add $obj $line\n" if $debug;

# Test dependencies
foreach $obj (keys %alldeps) {
  $deps = $alldeps{$obj};

  $mtime = (stat $obj)[9] or next;

  foreach $dep_file (@{$deps}) {
    if (not defined($dep_mtime = $modtimes{$dep_file})) {
      $dep_mtime = (stat $dep_file)[9];
      $modtimes{$dep_file} = $dep_mtime;
    if ($dep_mtime ne '' and $dep_mtime > $mtime) {
      print "$obj($mtime) older than $dep_file($dep_mtime)\n" if $debug;
      push @objs, $obj;
      # Object will be marked for rebuild. No need to check other dependencies.

# Output objects to rebuild (if needed).
if (@objs) {
  $new_output = "@objs: FORCE\n";

  # Read in the current dependencies file.
  open(OLD, "<$outfile")
    and $old_output = <OLD>;

  # Only write out the dependencies if they are different.
  if ($new_output ne $old_output) {
    open(OUT, ">$outfile") and print OUT "$new_output";
    print "Updating dependencies file, $outfile\n" unless $silent;
    if ($debug) {
      print "new: $new_output\n";
      print "was: $old_output\n" if $old_output ne '';
} elsif (-s $outfile) {
  # Remove the old dependencies because all objects are up to date.
  print "Removing old dependencies file, $outfile\n" unless $silent;

  if ($debug) {
    open(OLD, "<$outfile")
      and $old_output = <OLD>;
    print "was: $old_output\n";

  unlink $outfile;