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Thu Nov 03 02:27:52 2011 +0000
575262e41103e2fba7ab87eb3c088d5f75f39ae9ffxbld — Automated checkin: version bump for firefox 3.6.24 release. CLOSED TREE a=release CAMINO_2_1_MINIBRANCH CAMINO_2_1_RELEASE
ed32cbc749af541110036a40294fccaab3079464Blake Kaplan — Followup bustage fix for bug 653926. r=jst a=akeybl for checkin into a CLOSED TREE CAMINO_2_1_MINIBRANCH
eb499b0c7d8cd70aacfb81384b013e6afa836805Blake Kaplan — Fix bug 653926. r=jst a=LegNeato CAMINO_2_1_MINIBRANCH
f111c39a68f61488fbfa858f44207935293d2329Gavin Sharp — Bug 657462: don't select the first item in the download manager automatically, r=dolske, a=LegNeato CAMINO_2_1_MINIBRANCH
1169f4d058e8e345f3fca89d0e89d746770f5794Bill McCloskey — Bug 674776 - Fix trap problem in js_GetOpcode (r=jorendorff, a=legneato) CAMINO_2_1_MINIBRANCH
4db27b0213d852d7187f2e2647367fdaf09c9066Boris Zbarsky — Bug 667907. For HTTP 0.9 on non-default ports, be more conservative. r=jduell, a=legneato CAMINO_2_1_MINIBRANCH