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Fri Jul 16 15:30:39 2010 +0000
b374c411830c837ab1faa6aa9cc17d9cefbc6697Martin Stránský — b=551899 embed page size and orientation options in print dialog, proposed by Ritesh Khadgaray <> r=karlt a=LegNeato
755d4f42f11363e3606b8853b3056d0e4e2d9349Michael Ventnor — Bug 545506 - Fix the custom header/footer dialog in GTK's print dialog r=roc a=LegNeato
ef182e952f70de8298bdc6f89cf2388e11d8d1a5Michael Ventnor — Bug 545502 - Enable the Selection option for GTK's print dialog r=roc a=LegNeato
7612534ea1efac20bffde0bced8811039139c654Marco Bonardo — Bug 552386 - test_history_sidebar.js fails between midnight and 2:00am with new DST settings, r=dietrich a=LegNeato