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Tue Mar 09 14:35:12 2010 +0000
377a9f8f62c26dded4dca2948ce2f891fc933eaaRobert O'Callahan — Bug 538935. A span should be considered non-empty (for the purposes of deciding whether stuff after it is 'at the beginning of the line') only if it contains non-empty content. r=dbaron
60dce6cf3aaa5853fbf049f9d8b835c847004fdeRobert O'Callahan — Bug 499862. Need to flush out linebreaker stuff even if there are no mapped flows. r=smontagu
b0ff8632d5cec8570634e035dc51259e332c8e0eMike Hommey — b=546093 only advertise pdf and ps format for sending to the printer backend r=karlt
956e710bd1bfeb4f4fadc1a431c295f02c689124Mats Palmgren — Clamp the result to the valid nscoord range. b=541869 r=roc
39676a222968e3b0e40a3ba4a97fdf2c11ec5bfaMats Palmgren — mRectListHead.x needs a sentinel value (not y). Clarify the use of nscoord sentinel values and handle float nscoord too. b=541869 r=roc r=jonitis
dcf4c045d75348784616bf4f85e67103bb9c0379Joe Drew — Bug 547143. r=jrmuizel sr=roc
9dc0e565cba1c46e30b7b9c388bf32501f9474d7Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 539165. Fix single and multi-stop solid gradients by multiplying by the alpha component. r=roc
0a68d9c698dad5df6833726be96271427f515ffdIgor Bukanov — bug 424558, r=brendan
e457c5d8fb33dfa6d7740230cec3fe09b4d73749Justin Dolske — Bug 537862 - Move doAsyncPrompt() code into the prompt factory. r=mayhemer, r=gavin
f4c28724345834a7a0ea15bf08699b4e7f601eb4Cristian KLEIN — Bug 370436 - "Context menu from keyboard for spell checker selects the wrong line" [r=roc]
c57eeb94d898c342446ebb70cfefaa49a2dcdca7Tim Terriberry — Bug 550184. Avoid using uninitialized data. r=doublec
0c83ead0ce8d19627b8f22d42f6cbae0cc207362Brandon Sterne — Bug 452093 - [r=bzbarsky r=joe]
b860d5122d45b95c0abd9f70081e792e166bcd33Daniel Holbert — Bug 541828 followup: Convert "sizeof" result to signed integer, to fix signed-vs-unsigned build warning in nsZipArchive. r=tglek
6328a97b9400db303d733361d9b037aa15c7cd60Alfred Kayser — Bug 541828: crash in BuildFileList (r=tglek)