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Tue Nov 24 20:42:48 2009 +0000
6bd07d6df445e0bc62a51fb0c5e8d04d46f0c979Dão Gottwald — Bug 528750 - Sidebar close button is squeezed, tabstrip closebutton makes the tabstrip higher (browser.tabs.closeButtons=3). r=ventnor
74645ed304c4a2ccdfb505e2d6a6f7095e2ff4d3Dão Gottwald — Bug 526919 - Lightweight theme notification bar hides when loading new page. r=dtownsend
ca2df1029f7f4eb7936253f32759810a39be9529Curtis Bartley — Bug 524763 - Regexp/string confusion in generateTextForTextNode in about:support. r=johnath,dao
51b506aad4b1a7bceabb9941be6e58052cfb8d2bDão Gottwald — Bug 527301 - Faststripe uses obsolete "empty" attribute. r=gavin
af8ba1f406037d48ab4e62c2e0bd0c7e536eea5fDão Gottwald — Bug 521129 - Alt-Tab in FullScreen video does not exit full screen mode. r=dolske
d2d2ed0ded6d548827297600b9d5b2a8411db8b1Dão Gottwald — Bug 484315 - With browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab set to false popups cannot be closed. r=gavin
3deac7ed7df13ec4c59b9315647fa646107a9b2cDão Gottwald — Bug 525836 - Remove workaround for bug 426930 as the stock icon has been fixed. r=ventnor
f1d0a0a9d571ecd1ca176d24869a91b4c07559b1Dão Gottwald — sync browser_bug521216.js with trunk
ffa03358306defae931a60ee867d975c79be0b6cDão Gottwald — Bug 521967 - Going back/forward to a page shows the default favicon briefly. r=mano
57aacf736fbbfc50f384bcb05e0856a52252c40cDão Gottwald — Bug 520173 - Reset lightweight theme previews when leaving the source page. r=dtownsend
ce1974a8acb6ac247da1ac28d3b0f2580b0a7371Dão Gottwald — Bug 516701 - Checkboxes and radios need to be updated to lwtheme. r=rflint
12a923071ba80b6b6dee9635c4ed873bfa519c1cDão Gottwald — Bug 517768 - crash with view page source and external editor [@nsDocShell::OnStateChange(nsIWebProgress*, nsIRequest*, unsigned int, unsigned int) ]. r=bz
9a9e3daf759ca592d73703c747adab9a590c8a69John Morkel — Test for bug 515635. r=dao
14afe468a9a31e7b3ce7e2688825cf0aa0e953b2John Morkel — Bug 515635 - "Search Google for ..." context menu should open tab next to current active tab. r=dao