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Fri Mar 09 02:38:48 2012 +0000
7e57b6f4d41bcc52da96282d0886fda1e88579d4Gavin Sharp — Bug 723808 followup: fix shared builds by avoiding use of nsContentUtils::IsSystemPrincipal, r=bz, a=bustage CAMINO_2_1_2_MINIBRANCH CAMINO_2_1_2_RELEASE
26f18d41a88a546635db903f8d8ae617b84dfecfSmokey Ardisson — Bug 656990 - Ensure compatibility with OS X 10.7's arrowless scrollbar. Original patch by Steven Michaud <>, r=mstange; backported by smorgan and me. a=smorgan,me for Camino 2.1 series. CAMINO_2_1_2_MINIBRANCH