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Mon Apr 30 05:39:30 2012 +0000
0f6dd57eed4c4e07221affa106f668dce2572646Smokey Ardisson — Bug 313700 - Use a bundle's Info.plist timestamp as the plug-in's last-modified date to prevent stale info in pluginreg.dat. Original patch by by Steven Michaud <>, r=josh; backported by me, r=smorgan. a=me for Camino 2.1 series (bug 740620) CAMINO_2_1_SECBRANCH
d0c0f3cb8ba67593b229bf279463702c5c79d28bSmokey Ardisson — Bug 656990 - Ensure compatibility with OS X 10.7's arrowless scrollbar. Original patch by Steven Michaud <>, r=mstange; backported by smorgan and me. a=smorgan,me for Camino 2.1 series. CAMINO_2_1_SECBRANCH