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Wed Sep 16 02:03:28 2009 +0000
0ee58a54c5d6ae878533ae5c6c38f4f8549fc1fdNick Thomas — Dummy change to force tip onto the default branch (for developer's convenience)
1c8b99b43a72bbc1baf422f7cdcfc424ca826b4bNick Thomas — Added tag FIREFOX_3_6a2_RELEASE for changeset d6ea24d83be1 GECKO192a2_20090915_RELBRANCH
c972fb6296c4904d98f1ed990372b7055a085392Nick Thomas — Added tag FIREFOX_3_6a2_BUILD1 for changeset d6ea24d83be1 GECKO192a2_20090915_RELBRANCH
d6ea24d83be10eb3fe422c45d0154bf1a7ffe09fNick Thomas — Bug 514307, use 'Preview' in titelbar for WinCE release, r+a=vlad GECKO192a2_20090915_RELBRANCH FIREFOX_3_6a2_BUILD1
9492a56e34956b74b223dedcff2e1429a56ec630Nick Thomas — Bug 514307, bump version to 3.6a2 for WinCE release, r+a=vlad GECKO192a2_20090915_RELBRANCH