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Fri Aug 14 21:31:04 2009 +0000
d4318ccaabc2366bfdb4a2db3f5c5dc4a3982d28Brad Lassey — bug 508501 - titlebar and SIP button visible after re-activating window r=vlad,dolske a192=start
Fri Aug 14 21:00:28 2009 +0000
dab8b0551ba86d333357ccf81359584757b6ef72Vladimir Vukicevic — b=509244; gfx crash on memory pressure notification; r=karlt
Fri Aug 14 17:53:50 2009 +0000
b8a782a961d772403c47cd42070708e57474ca7eJeff Walden — Convert an abort to an assertion because garbage in elsewhere is producing garbage out here, and it's taking awhile to track down the cause
Fri Aug 14 15:28:29 2009 +0000
41615c2bda16234108a904d3d4b676d532094c81Ben Hearsum — bug 510497: change default branding in mozilla-1.9.2 to Namoroka. r/a192=beltzner
Thu Aug 13 20:58:14 2009 +0000
94ac2bb6335aa1ee5b13f6261773d9599a74e208Steven Michaud — Have to set explicit focus to a page by clicking on it, after clicking Back. b=504450 r=josh a=blocking1.9.2+
Thu Aug 13 15:46:39 2009 +0000
c7d1cd3d77a797f230b99eb4ecfab0d4da2aa458Timothy Nikkel — Bug 508927 minor cleanup. In debug listing of XUL content get rid of the leading '<' so that angle brackets balance. r=bzbarsky, a=beltzner for CLOSED TREE
ee13d35cf80e717929ca27d59f34b95621917bcbTimothy Nikkel — Bug 508927. Assuming that the binding parent of the listboxbody content is the listbox content (and hence parent of listitems) is just wrong. Use ChildIterator instead to access the XBL nodes of the listboxbody content and get the frame constructor to pass the listboxbody frame the right container. r=bzbarsky, a=beltzner for CLOSED TREE
Thu Aug 13 13:56:17 2009 +0000
c95ef80a5f207e131e4dfe9b99ea2995c0bc3240Ben Hearsum — Tagging the last common changeset of mozilla-central and mozilla-1.9.2. The tagged changeset represents the branchpoint of the two.
376b78fc72230aaf2ca4e279a8f4ef1efd4a1d9fDave Townsend — Bug 509194: Remove extension manager dependency on classic.jar (tests). r=robstrong GECKO_1_9_2_BASE
7b05cc2cb9ee4f5fa6fe80ff93e17dc6d9b7b455Bobby Holley — Bug 509929 - Reference cycle between nsProgressNotificationProxy and nsHttpChannel on channel redirect. r=biesi
b50beb2bef4774a8b5c1f276c88600eff4db4de0Olli Pettay — Bug 503639 - [Mac OS X] Right-click on menu from folder from bookmark bar triggers context menu, r=enn
707834b4b7def619d9acbdd611d3241df1ace0fcArpad Borsos — Bug 509380 - Optimize nsPeekOffsetStruct for memory usage; r+sr=roc
c2cc58728c8bcd0820e360ec99c075d37c791346Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 500349 (DOMParser no longer available in Greasemonkey scripts). r/sr=jst.
ffc0bbb9ccb474e97ef6e348e65e0ab4640211a7Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 502730 (ASSERTION: Wrong scope, this is really bad!: 'JS_GetGlobalForObject(cx, obj) == newScope').
793a3c7590b7a8c5299fab679f12003a5d9e083bPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 500349 (DOMParser no longer available in Greasemonkey scripts). r/sr=jst.
a5105991af66ac9deb2066ced70d5aece3c2da48Peter Van der Beken — Backing out 410eb23d33c7 to restore accidentaly deleted file (parser/html/javasrc/README.txt).
6d21a1f546736499561b105d8d7cdfbb1e2eb4bcPeter Van der Beken — Backing out 410eb23d33c7 to restore accidentaly deleted file (parser/html/javasrc/README.txt).
bc03cb3fd8ba3593ed031f526f950e4eca89775fDão Gottwald — merge
52d5e6ab0cfea58801eb317790b19ed16b427509mail — Bug 480826 - Firefox should honour setting when opening Edit->Preferences->Applications. r=mconnor
3511005c7340c18675b155cc5557e5f00d1e6073Michael Kraft — Bug 491577 - fix idl comment. sr=mconnor
908834ee9c289a1a2f8151b0132598310bc5b6ceDão Gottwald — Bug 500702 - intermittent failure in browser_bug495058.js
a7511af18bcea2eaebe6867bbfe8475f885ada73Henri Sivonen — Bug 509672 - Make HTML5 parser not fire mutation events when adding attributes to root or body elements. r=jonas
63fbf79e947461937a9c87a0969ac60687fe1ea7Henri Sivonen — Backout rev 58f91861b1f1. Accidental changes included.
58f91861b1f15eda8ebc700f38dda791ea1741aaHenri Sivonen — Bug 509672 - Make HTML5 parser not fire mutation events when adding attributes to root or body elements. r=jonas
e53964cf3d2099eee4a5a78e474f28410765c189Ben Turner — Bug 505718 - 'mochitest-plain timeout (hanging?) during shutdown on Windows'. Adding a comment to make the fix clearer.
2113cb711b0957deb8b8223122e01fa91faba259Jesse Ruderman — Add reftest for default width and height of <canvas> (bug 291285, bug 293225)
5333464bebcd527d0706cdc898aa173dff7d0af3Brad Lassey — merge from backout
11efcd03ad09de44634d045c9dda9a1eaa797cbbBrad Lassey — Backed out changeset 08f71a710ae3 due to orange unit tests r=dougt
cc7fdf6f6f4aeef8b379d236a1996b41079df43bBen Turner — Bug 510061 - 'Workers: Don't allow setInterval to flood the worker queue.' r+sr=jst
c8e0d1fa54c5e43d48f8ea15180d91255f5bb56eMarkus Stange — Merge backout of bug 429954
b3631e1453f29a5020a393b960b1eb851a770279Markus Stange — Backed out changeset b52fa2372a3a, bug 429954 because of test_popup_preventdefault_chrome.xul orange.
340fe75c03dd8da7cf82893d74f212bb19b03d90Ben Turner — Bug 505718 - 'mochitest-plain timeout (hanging?) during shutdown on Windows'. Worker-related. r=mrbkap, sr=jst.
b9cee22bad2e036b49b3716596cbe88d723533a3Ben Turner — Bug 507930 - 'Workers: Implement WorkerLocation'. r+sr=jst
7d8393d63044c7460b2f7f1d029558b082aa54c1Jonathan Griffin — Test for bug 301397. r=bzbarsky
92449f4c0f3e3c46f482a7d8fd7733be86c76f2fTimothy Nikkel — Bug 500063. "ASSERTION: Already have an undisplayed context entry for aContent" while running leak tests. r=bzbarsky
b9985fb2557f055a61ce68de93950e54e64278f3Josh Aas — Various 64-bit fixes for Mac OS X widget and plugin code. b=509947 r=mstange
bfa6573b72a48e4a2e281096f9b2f0f8c20fde1aL. David Baron — Remove buffering of test output by making stack fixers not buffer their standard output. (Bug 510014)
1d22a0d5a8fffc65a057b9cbe6d699dde25dd37aL. David Baron — Add additional test for :first-letter extension across pseudo-elements, and note failures with bug number now that bug has been filed.
9bcf62d5073bc5371bb8343c23e4d4ecbe19e1deBobby Holley — Orange fix for bug 507902 tests. r=jwalden
b52fa2372a3aa6c622ab865987fa7d6e6f6354eaMarkus Stange — Bug 429954 - Windows that open already maximized will un-maximize to a teeny-tiny window in upper left.
43943b452c0e3e217a8581e1b4d8c103fa59990cMarkus Stange — Bug 509876 - Clean up SyncFrameViewGeometryDependentProperties. r=roc
73dfd9f8b47f42be26322625b9568e4ea7862102Markus Stange — Bug 509660 - Also persist the position of the window when its size changes, since the position might have changed, too. r=neil
ad1b7a04fbba0809240911d4156d61a0ce1817f8Taras Glek — Bug 504864: mmap io for JARs r=bsmedberg
bf5b19bf6439daedbbe74979a95cfa0b7aafccd0Boris Zbarsky — Adding some tests
08f71a710ae3edd38859be57c194d0360e488666Doug Turner — Bug 482260. Add more tests cases for geolocation. Also fixes max age not being able to be set to zero. r=mfinkle,jmaher.
23a7450239922bb798a28a767c6f1e1d51ca5f30Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 510024. Remove unnecessary casts in r=davidb
f67bf1318100a5e1acf8efd7dcef5fa7cede380fPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 499199 (Try to avoid XPCCallContexts in quickstubs for wrapper-cached things). r/sr=jst.
a8c89c6a48e60f6dc96b58a9c16fa3f9ad8618d3Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 500850 (Make inline style use wrapper cache and slimwrappers), add unlinking. r/sr=bz.
a4c48ea78e74e4bca58181217701a4028a162feaPeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 508774 (nsGlobalModalWindow traverses mArguments twice). r/sr=jst.
ca46dd208b993575d10f2b62de4710dd33bb5caeJeff Muizelaar — Bug 504920. Use cairo_set_can_convert_to_dib(TRUE) when creating optimized DDB image surfaces. r=vlad
42a364a99f9528444e57926418373888ac3b45c7Neil Rashbrook — Bug 508523 Crash [@ nsDocAccessible::FlushPendingEvents] r=surkov
45a9af25197e34a6c8016886ae55dc51f6cb8f86Bobby Holley — Tests for bug 507902.r=joe
707f5ac27ac8e4f32926c92f2e5ac8d12721a5d0Bobby Holley — Bug 507902 - nsImageFrame static Icon Loads should not use the mListener of the first instantiated nsImageFrame.r=bz,joe
d8d073092334401b34b6b23711ad9ba973c529d6Neil Rashbrook — Bug 509242 Don't horizontally compress theme preview images r=Mossop
fa6c850e3abd3581291989def633697bf86cbb33Neil Deakin — Bug 508472, wait for load and paint events before starting test, r=dolske
cab4349b23a977273c3a1abd4cf001fb1be63a09Neil Deakin — Bug 507056, move scale atom as it's needed for both xul and svg, r=bz
33ffeaec3c875df0683ddd9dca94e0d8a688154fNeil Deakin — Bug 230081, use proper cursors for frameset border resizing, r=dbaron
47be4ba8c62b684de1e21f8e2ab7eb9fb2a25826Neil Deakin — Bug 506754, send NS_ACTIVATE when calling ShowWindow(mWnd, SW_RESTORE), r=ere
Wed Aug 12 16:44:59 2009 +0000
6470caf066b2883c890199ba87604a6576f0fcb7Olli Pettay — Bug 501257 - Implement HTML 5's HTMLElement.classList property,, r=smaug, sr=sicking
269e64bb5421a4fbcf6ed27913a1e543a5932904Navin Lal — Bug 385154 - remove nsInt64 usage from the tree. r=roc
425a7c8b476ab53f19ad999b4761f1fffcc0e7d9Navin Lal — Bug 502501 - rename History > Recently Closed Tabs > Open All in Tabs to Restore All Tabs. r=dao, ui-r=faaborg
1b368a826f916fd03962eaf276ad9bb0f70467bctimeless — Bug 506649 nsFocusManager::GetSelectionLocation has unreachable code block due to shadowed local variable
dd99a2aeb8b2353782ce249d8b4bb4310790dee1timeless — Bug 508021 nsNPAPIPluginInstance::Print does not need to null check mCallbacks
2a87d1efd189186da3b6005cbc0e07a1f94889bftimeless — Bug 507591 nsHTMLTableAccessible mLayoutHeuristic should not be an nsAutoString
b7a322d420b89325699f09a4b7df120e53ba7b21timeless — Bug 507411 container is unused in moz_container_unmap
ffcf0ce77162ae77e1edd78edbf1df91d5dd42f2timeless — Bug 507367 incorrect null check in nsSVGPatternFrame::GetTargetGeometry
887b14dbdf05e368cefa8964aca61a771754641ftimeless — Bug 506645 nsTypedSelection::AddItem doesn't always null check aOutIndex
ddf35389f5a42b96ae28d5654ed766b0c13cc5cdtimeless — Bug 506637 nsFocusController::GetControllers does not handle a null nsIFocusManager* fm well
63a907f7e1e5d4f5cde772f41ec6e2a6660188e1timeless — Bug 506628 deadcode in nsPluginInstanceOwner::ProcessEventX11Composited
ac3e57974ee7064ea52562068c240c75ff259aabtimeless — Bug 506627 find_dest_id abuses XQueryTree
d5b802a7b0411f6581e6639780c29cb55ecb33f8timeless — Bug 506258 nsFrameSelection::ConstrainFrameAndPointToAnchorSubtree doesn't seem to use anchorFrame or anchorFrameOffset
649c62df8edcc2cb4cd6b1e65fbc853c8fa9b8dctimeless — Bug 506254 plugin_client_message_filter never used Display *dpy
7475e1479cb479aa42d12ef28ee4883de1083d90timeless — Bug 506251 BuildTextRunsScanner::AssignTextRun does not use lastContent
68707c3642906a43702839252d4242666c041featimeless — Bug 505901 PutProperty has useless null check in !targetprop else case
f7dae5b4972019895d22fbbaec019bba6ee67e16timeless — Bug 505886 nsHashtable::Exists doesn't unlock mLock if !mHashtable.ops
cca7171047c3040bc77b7e52cd2108a92e1c8b2btimeless — Bug 505838 JS_GetStringBytes(JS_ValueToString(...)..) is a bad pattern
1d550f0cf16ce0fe0b0c6ca0902590118d9273d5timeless — Bug 505833 NPObjectMember_Convert is the only function that doesn't null check JS_GetInstancePrivate
84f5129fd421c79acf05afdb939b8908061d2732timeless — Bug 505804 XPC_SJOW_Call leaks args if JS_GetFunctionObject(callWrapper) yields null
e2f495fc448ec02c56de3849b0a3536ac350cf81timeless — Bug 505771 double free [@ JS_free - snarf] in jsshell
23c898a183eb1820af06950ca45a6d22b11d5897timeless — Bug 505725 nsWifiMonitor::DoScan seems to leak ndis_handle in all failure cases
46d6e51e473b0fc4c38e7642e9c42838f893b864timeless — Bug 505724 nsWifiMonitor::DoScan seems to leak apple_80211_library or crash in all failure cases
6e0c9450ac6872a5866b7232e5dd75d1ae370ffatimeless — Bug 505723 nsWifiMonitor::DoScan seems to leak iwlib_handle after ReplaceArray(lastAccessPoints, accessPoints)
94c20779c378da257ec2ea67f830d990c3ddfb6etimeless — Bug 505568 jsshell should use the public api for property iteration
8ca8b976593a64becb81790d20783fbaec515f62timeless — Bug 504482 nsXBLProtoImplMethod::CompileMember shouldn't poke args[] outside paramCount condition
288a10ff331df40851ead44b04014b0946679baftimeless — Bug 504395 SimulateImacroCFG leaks tmp_pcstack when LOCAL_ASSERT fails
df76fbd4b076d69757e18185f433e6f25c7b8ea3timeless — Bug 504170 nsAStreamCopier::Process can use sourceCondition, sinkCondition uninitialized if someone cancels the copy early
82a6b7f6a049e1dd8e577cd581af187581827083timeless — Bug 504101 mRememberClientAuthCertificate is unintialized
9b612b23ae160a1aaf888876e8c7964e29e4c9b5timeless — Bug 485834 ObserverService shouldn't recurse infinitely for stupid consumers
7326f167a78bb936a355026085fb660c3abcc4abKarl Tomlinson — fix for ambiguous sqrt from dc8ef04fc953 b=297467
6f957b8818b90a654ac94b1a396b200f4f3b00c1Jonathan Griffin — Add mochitest for bug 501422. r=mayhemer
dc8ef04fc9537e0b9573871b7fd68e900a85aa3aFrédéric Wang — b=297467 menclose r=karlt rs=roc
57611d381ef492c14d059c6e6ae11d502bce25c6Brad Lassey — bug 491305 - Allow loading fonts from an application folder, follow up
f2d2cb42f45b7278cf4bec984dabb364366bfe5aShawn Wilsher — Bug 509566 - Location bar does not respect tag filter preference
20a5a5f15675660e5977669f4255c14d2b229c62Jonathan Griffin — Add invalidate reftest for bug 237766. r=dbaron
7a6d89bca0211f3bd5597967f470e30525505070Jim Mathies — 120ae039b6e0 bustage fix (missing brace).