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Bug 825484 - Upgrade CAMINO_2_1_SECBRANCH to NSS_3_14_CKBI_1_93_RTM (implies NSPR_4_9_3_RTM). r=wtc/kaie/bsmith/kwilson on the original patches in their original bugs, a=me for CAMINO_2_1_SECBRANCH. CLOSED TREE

def test(mod, path, entity = None):
    import re
    # ignore anything but toolkit
    if mod not in ("netwerk", "dom", "toolkit", "security/manager",
        return None

    # "report" Lorentz strings, don't "error"
    if mod == "toolkit" and path == "chrome/mozapps/plugins/plugins.dtd":
        if entity.startswith('reloadPlugin.'): return "report"
        if entity.startswith('report.'): return "report"

    return "error"