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# This perl script parses the input file for special variables
# in the format of $Variable$ and replace it with the appropriate
# value(s).
# Input: .it file
#             - which is a .ini template
#        version
#             - version to display on the blue background
#   ie: perl makeuninstallini.pl uninstall.it

if($#ARGV < 1)
  die "usage: $0 <.it file> <version>

       .it file      : input ini template file

       version       : version to be shown in setup.  Typically the same version
                       as show in seamonkey.exe.  This version string will be shown
                       on the title of the main dialog.

                     ie: perl makeuninstallini.pl uninstall.it
                      or perl makeuninstallini.pl uninstall.it 6.0b2

$inItFile         = $ARGV[0];
$inVersion        = $ARGV[1];

# get environment vars
$userAgent        = $ENV{WIZ_userAgent};
$userAgentShort   = $ENV{WIZ_userAgentShort};
$xpinstallVersion = $ENV{WIZ_xpinstallVersion};
$nameCompany      = $ENV{WIZ_nameCompany};
$nameProduct      = $ENV{WIZ_nameProduct};
$fileMainExe      = $ENV{WIZ_fileMainExe};
$fileUninstall    = $ENV{WIZ_fileUninstall};

# Get the name of the file replacing the .it extension with a .ini extension
@inItFileSplit    = split(/\./,$inItFile);
$outIniFile       = $inItFileSplit[0];
$outIniFile      .= ".ini";

# Open the input file
open(fpInIt, $inItFile) || die "\ncould not open $ARGV[0]: $!\n";

# Open the output file
open(fpOutIni, ">$outIniFile") || die "\nCould not open $outIniFile: $!\n";

print "\n Making $outIniFile...\n";

# While loop to read each line from input file
while($line = <fpInIt>)
  # For each line read, search and replace $Version$ with the version passed in
  $line =~ s/\$Version\$/$inVersion/gi;
  $line =~ s/\$UserAgent\$/$userAgent/gi;
  $line =~ s/\$UserAgentShort\$/$userAgentShort/gi;
  $line =~ s/\$XPInstallVersion\$/$xpinstallVersion/gi;
  $line =~ s/\$CompanyName\$/$nameCompany/gi;
  $line =~ s/\$ProductName\$/$nameProduct/gi;
  $line =~ s/\$MainExeFile\$/$fileMainExe/gi;
  $line =~ s/\$UninstallFile\$/$fileUninstall/gi;
  print fpOutIni $line;

print " done!\n";

# end of script

sub ParseUserAgentShort()
  my($aUserAgent) = @_;

  @spaceSplit = split(/ /, $aUserAgent);
  if($#spaceSplit >= 0)
    $aUserAgentShort = $spaceSplit[0];