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Add a few missing null-checks. Return error code from GetRuleLine() when it fails. b=462787 r+sr=dbaron

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(B075D5DC-1DF1-441A-BEBF-680D8CAAA19C)]

 * This interface contains various I18N related code used in various places by the spell checker.

interface mozISpellI18NUtil : nsISupports {

    const PRUint32 kCheck=0;
    const PRUint32 kSuggest=1;

    * The language being used to check spelling
    readonly attribute wstring language;
    * Given a word return a list of possible root forms of that word
    void getRootForm(in wstring word,
                     in PRUint32 type,
                     [array, size_is(count)] out wstring words,
                     out PRUint32 count);
    * Given a word return a list of possible root forms of that word
    void fromRootForm(in wstring word,
                      [array, size_is(icount)] in wstring iwords,
                      in PRUint32 icount,
                      [array, size_is(ocount)] out wstring owords,
                      out PRUint32 ocount);
     * Given a unicode string and an offset, find the beginning and end of the
     * next word. begin and end are -1 if there are no words remaining in the 
     * string. This should really be folded into the Line/WordBreaker.
    void findNextWord(in wstring word, in PRUint32 length, in PRUint32 offset, out PRInt32 begin, out PRInt32 end);