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Bug 730425 - Perform an additional range checks in stream read functions. r=roc a=lsblakk

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#ifndef nsHashPropertyBag_h___
#define nsHashPropertyBag_h___

#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsCOMArray.h"

#include "nsIVariant.h"
#include "nsIWritablePropertyBag.h"
#include "nsIWritablePropertyBag2.h"
#include "nsInterfaceHashtable.h"

// Set IMETHOD_VISIBILITY to empty so that the class-level NS_COM declaration
// controls member method visibility.

class NS_COM nsHashPropertyBag : public nsIWritablePropertyBag
                               , public nsIWritablePropertyBag2
    nsHashPropertyBag() { }
    virtual ~nsHashPropertyBag() {}

    nsresult Init();






    // a hash table of string -> nsIVariant
    nsInterfaceHashtable<nsStringHashKey, nsIVariant> mPropertyHash;


// Note: NS_NewHashPropertyBag returns a HPB that
// uses a non-thread-safe internal hash
extern "C" NS_COM nsresult
NS_NewHashPropertyBag(nsIWritablePropertyBag* *_retval);

#endif /* nsHashPropertyBag_h___ */