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Snapshots of cairo and glitz for mozilla usage.

We only include the relevant parts of each release (generally, src/*.[ch]),
as we have's that integrate into the Mozilla build system.  For
documentation and similar, please see the official tarballs at


  cairo (1.4.2)
  glitz 0.5.2 (cvs - 2006-01-10)

***** NOTE FOR VISUAL C++ 6.0 *****

VC6 is not supported.  Please upgrade to VC8.

==== Patches ====

All patches in the cairo tree are surrounded by "MOZILLA_CAIRO_NOT_DEFINED" (which should NOT be defined).

Some specific things:

max-font-size.patch: Clamp freetype font size to 1000 to avoid overflow issues

fbcompose-bandaid.patch: Disable "optimized" code in non-MMX case due to bugs

quartz-glyph-rounding.patch: Round glyph positions, not advances, to float

win32-scaled-font-size.patch: Add cairo_win32_font_face_create_for_logfontw_hfont,
allow win32 scaled_fonts to rescale themselves properly to the required CTM
and only use the font_face's hfont if we're sure it's appropriate

nonfatal-assertions.patch: Make assertions non-fatal