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#ifndef nsWebBrowserPersist_h__
#define nsWebBrowserPersist_h__

#include "nsCOMPtr.h"
#include "nsWeakReference.h"

#include "nsIInterfaceRequestor.h"
#include "nsIMIMEService.h"
#include "nsIStreamListener.h"
#include "nsIOutputStream.h"
#include "nsIInputStream.h"
#include "nsIChannel.h"
#include "nsIStyleSheet.h"
#include "nsIDocumentEncoder.h"
#include "nsITransport.h"
#include "nsIProgressEventSink.h"
#include "nsILocalFile.h"
#include "nsIWebProgressListener2.h"

#include "nsHashtable.h"
#include "nsVoidArray.h"
#include "nsInt64.h"

#include "nsCWebBrowserPersist.h"

class nsEncoderNodeFixup;
class nsIStorageStream;

struct URIData;

class nsWebBrowserPersist : public nsIInterfaceRequestor,
                            public nsIWebBrowserPersist,
                            public nsIStreamListener,
                            public nsIProgressEventSink,
                            public nsSupportsWeakReference
    friend class nsEncoderNodeFixup;

// Public members

// Protected members
    virtual ~nsWebBrowserPersist();
    nsresult CloneNodeWithFixedUpURIAttributes(
        nsIDOMNode *aNodeIn, nsIDOMNode **aNodeOut);
    nsresult SaveURIInternal(
        nsIURI *aURI, nsISupports *aCacheKey, nsIURI *aReferrer,
        nsIInputStream *aPostData, const char *aExtraHeaders, nsIURI *aFile,
        PRBool aCalcFileExt);
    nsresult SaveChannelInternal(
        nsIChannel *aChannel, nsIURI *aFile, PRBool aCalcFileExt);
    nsresult SaveDocumentInternal(
        nsIDOMDocument *aDocument, nsIURI *aFile, nsIURI *aDataPath);
    nsresult SaveDocuments();
    nsresult GetDocEncoderContentType(
        nsIDOMDocument *aDocument, const PRUnichar *aContentType,
        PRUnichar **aRealContentType);
    nsresult GetExtensionForContentType(
        const PRUnichar *aContentType, PRUnichar **aExt);
    nsresult GetDocumentExtension(nsIDOMDocument *aDocument, PRUnichar **aExt);

// Private members
    void Cleanup();
    void CleanupLocalFiles();
    nsresult GetValidURIFromObject(nsISupports *aObject, nsIURI **aURI) const;
    nsresult GetLocalFileFromURI(nsIURI *aURI, nsILocalFile **aLocalFile) const;
    nsresult AppendPathToURI(nsIURI *aURI, const nsAString & aPath) const;
    nsresult MakeAndStoreLocalFilenameInURIMap(
        nsIURI *aURI, PRBool aNeedsPersisting, URIData **aData);
    nsresult MakeOutputStream(
        nsIURI *aFile, nsIOutputStream **aOutputStream);
    nsresult MakeOutputStreamFromFile(
        nsILocalFile *aFile, nsIOutputStream **aOutputStream);
    nsresult MakeOutputStreamFromURI(nsIURI *aURI, nsIOutputStream  **aOutStream);
    nsresult CreateChannelFromURI(nsIURI *aURI, nsIChannel **aChannel);
    nsresult StartUpload(nsIStorageStream *aOutStream, nsIURI *aDestinationURI,
        const nsACString &aContentType);
    nsresult CalculateAndAppendFileExt(nsIURI *aURI, nsIChannel *aChannel,
        nsIURI *aOriginalURIWithExtension);
    nsresult CalculateUniqueFilename(nsIURI *aURI);
    nsresult MakeFilenameFromURI(
        nsIURI *aURI, nsString &aFilename);
    nsresult StoreURI(
        const char *aURI,
        PRBool aNeedsPersisting = PR_TRUE,
        URIData **aData = nsnull);
    nsresult StoreURIAttributeNS(
        nsIDOMNode *aNode, const char *aNamespaceURI, const char *aAttribute,
        PRBool aNeedsPersisting = PR_TRUE,
        URIData **aData = nsnull);
    nsresult StoreURIAttribute(
        nsIDOMNode *aNode, const char *aAttribute,
        PRBool aNeedsPersisting = PR_TRUE,
        URIData **aData = nsnull)
        return StoreURIAttributeNS(aNode, "", aAttribute, aNeedsPersisting, aData);
    PRBool GetQuotedAttributeValue(
    const nsAString &aSource, const nsAString &aAttribute, nsAString &aValue);

    nsresult GetNodeToFixup(nsIDOMNode *aNodeIn, nsIDOMNode **aNodeOut);
    nsresult FixupURI(nsAString &aURI);
    nsresult FixupNodeAttributeNS(nsIDOMNode *aNode, const char *aNamespaceURI, const char *aAttribute);
    nsresult FixupNodeAttribute(nsIDOMNode *aNode, const char *aAttribute)
        return FixupNodeAttributeNS(aNode, "", aAttribute);
    nsresult FixupAnchor(nsIDOMNode *aNode);
    nsresult FixupXMLStyleSheetLink(nsIDOMProcessingInstruction *aPI, const nsAString &aHref);
    nsresult GetXMLStyleSheetLink(nsIDOMProcessingInstruction *aPI, nsAString &aHref);

    nsresult StoreAndFixupStyleSheet(nsIStyleSheet *aStyleSheet);
    nsresult SaveDocumentWithFixup(
        nsIDOMDocument *pDocument, nsIDocumentEncoderNodeFixup *pFixup,
        nsIURI *aFile, PRBool aReplaceExisting, const nsACString &aFormatType,
        const nsCString &aSaveCharset, PRUint32  aFlags);
    nsresult SaveSubframeContent(
        nsIDOMDocument *aFrameContent, URIData *aData);
    nsresult SetDocumentBase(nsIDOMDocument *aDocument, nsIURI *aBaseURI);
    nsresult SendErrorStatusChange(
        PRBool aIsReadError, nsresult aResult, nsIRequest *aRequest, nsIURI *aURI);
    nsresult OnWalkDOMNode(nsIDOMNode *aNode);

    nsresult FixRedirectedChannelEntry(nsIChannel *aNewChannel);

    void EndDownload(nsresult aResult = NS_OK);
    nsresult SaveGatheredURIs(nsIURI *aFileAsURI);
    PRBool SerializeNextFile();
    void CalcTotalProgress();

    void SetApplyConversionIfNeeded(nsIChannel *aChannel);

    // Hash table enumerators
    static PRBool PR_CALLBACK EnumPersistURIs(
        nsHashKey *aKey, void *aData, void* closure);
    static PRBool PR_CALLBACK EnumCleanupURIMap(
        nsHashKey *aKey, void *aData, void* closure);
    static PRBool PR_CALLBACK EnumCleanupOutputMap(
        nsHashKey *aKey, void *aData, void* closure);
    static PRBool PR_CALLBACK EnumCleanupUploadList(
        nsHashKey *aKey, void *aData, void* closure);
    static PRBool PR_CALLBACK EnumCalcProgress(
        nsHashKey *aKey, void *aData, void* closure);
    static PRBool PR_CALLBACK EnumCalcUploadProgress(
        nsHashKey *aKey, void *aData, void* closure);
    static PRBool PR_CALLBACK EnumFixRedirect(
        nsHashKey *aKey, void *aData, void* closure);
    static PRBool PR_CALLBACK EnumCountURIsToPersist(
        nsHashKey *aKey, void *aData, void* closure);

    nsCOMPtr<nsIURI>          mCurrentDataPath;
    PRBool                    mCurrentDataPathIsRelative;
    nsCString                 mCurrentRelativePathToData;
    nsCOMPtr<nsIURI>          mCurrentBaseURI;
    nsCString                 mCurrentCharset;
    nsCOMPtr<nsIURI>          mTargetBaseURI;
    PRUint32                  mCurrentThingsToPersist;

    nsCOMPtr<nsIMIMEService>  mMIMEService;
    nsCOMPtr<nsIURI>          mURI;
    nsCOMPtr<nsIWebProgressListener> mProgressListener;
     * Progress listener for 64-bit values; this is the same object as
     * mProgressListener, but is a member to avoid having to qi it for each
     * progress notification.
    nsCOMPtr<nsIWebProgressListener2> mProgressListener2;
    nsCOMPtr<nsIProgressEventSink> mEventSink;
    nsHashtable               mOutputMap;
    nsHashtable               mUploadList;
    nsHashtable               mURIMap;
    nsVoidArray               mDocList;
    nsVoidArray               mCleanupList;
    nsCStringArray            mFilenameList;
    PRPackedBool              mFirstAndOnlyUse;
    PRPackedBool              mCancel;
    PRPackedBool              mJustStartedLoading;
    PRPackedBool              mCompleted;
    PRPackedBool              mStartSaving;
    PRPackedBool              mReplaceExisting;
    PRPackedBool              mSerializingOutput;
    PRUint32                  mPersistFlags;
    PRUint32                  mPersistResult;
    nsInt64                   mTotalCurrentProgress;
    nsInt64                   mTotalMaxProgress;
    PRInt16                   mWrapColumn;
    PRUint32                  mEncodingFlags;
    nsString                  mContentType;

// Helper class does node fixup during persistence
class nsEncoderNodeFixup : public nsIDocumentEncoderNodeFixup
    NS_IMETHOD FixupNode(nsIDOMNode *aNode, nsIDOMNode **aOutNode);
    nsWebBrowserPersist *mWebBrowserPersist;

    virtual ~nsEncoderNodeFixup();