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Bug 825484 - Upgrade CAMINO_2_1_SECBRANCH to NSS_3_14_CKBI_1_93_RTM (implies NSPR_4_9_3_RTM). r=wtc/kaie/bsmith/kwilson on the original patches in their original bugs, a=me for CAMINO_2_1_SECBRANCH. CLOSED TREE

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#ifndef _nsLocalFileOS2_H_
#define _nsLocalFileOS2_H_

#include "nscore.h"
#include "nsError.h"
#include "nsString.h"
#include "nsCRT.h"
#include "nsIFile.h"
#include "nsIFactory.h"
#include "nsILocalFileOS2.h"
#include "nsIHashable.h"
#include "nsIClassInfoImpl.h"

#define INCL_DOS

#include <os2.h>

class TypeEaEnumerator;

class NS_COM nsLocalFile : public nsILocalFileOS2,
                                   public nsIHashable


    static NS_METHOD nsLocalFileConstructor(nsISupports* outer, const nsIID& aIID, void* *aInstancePtr);

    // nsISupports interface

    // nsIFile interface

    // nsILocalFile interface

    // nsILocalFileOS2 interface

    // nsIHashable interface

    static void GlobalInit();
    static void GlobalShutdown();

    nsLocalFile(const nsLocalFile& other);
    ~nsLocalFile() {}

    // cached information can only be used when this is PR_FALSE
    PRPackedBool mDirty;

    // this string will always be in native format!
    nsCString mWorkingPath;

    PRFileInfo64  mFileInfo64;

    void MakeDirty() { mDirty = PR_TRUE; }

    nsresult Stat();

    nsresult CopyMove(nsIFile *newParentDir, const nsACString &newName, PRBool move);
    nsresult CopySingleFile(nsIFile *source, nsIFile* dest, const nsACString &newName, PRBool move);

    nsresult SetModDate(PRInt64 aLastModifiedTime);
    nsresult AppendNativeInternal(const nsAFlatCString &node, PRBool multipleComponents);

    nsresult GetEA(const char *eaName, PFEA2LIST pfea2list);
    friend class TypeEaEnumerator;