author John Schoenick <>
Fri, 27 Jan 2012 19:38:01 -0800
changeset 35258 177e42a7014eac0fabf5d21d44c3a15dbe5a4f02
parent 34365 2daf974e2a5e3a714e1e1900e44b199c1107e25f
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bug 702466, imported patch fix_via_handler_table, r=sicking, a=dveditz

The source from this directory was copied from the libsydneyaudio svn
source using the script. The only changes made were those
applied by and the addition/upate of files for
the Mozilla build system.

The svn revision number used was r3895.

pause-resume.patch is applied to implement and fix issues
with pausing and resuming audio streams.

include-CoreServices.patch is applied to include CoreServices headers
on Mac OS X. Fixes a build failure on Mac OS X 10.6. b=492072

sydney_os2_base.patch: Bug 448918 - add OS/2 support (this patch should
                       be removed when OS/2 support is added upstream)

sydney_os2_moz.patch:  Bug 448918 - add Mozilla-specific code to

bug495794_closeAudio.patch fixes a crash when destroying the sa_stream_t after
a failed attempt to open the stream.

bug495558_alsa_endian.patch adds support for big endian ALSA platforms.

bug526411_latency.patch: reduce requested latency to 250ms to match OGGPLAY_AUDIO_OFFSET.

sydney_aix.patch:      Bug 499266 - add AIX support