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Thu Jul 30 15:14:12 2009 +0000
4f30bfb9c8d02c193f831805595b5b3347b89be6Ben Hearsum — Move FIREFOX_3_5_2_RELEASE and _BUILD1 tags to pick up backout of d57f05bcdbe1 and bug 489313 (doesn't affect en-US builds.) GECKO1912_20090729_RELBRANCH
a6308d41af58c3e89e0110003c160409cb25a5b2Ben Hearsum — Backout of bug 489313 because it breaks Mac DMG packaging. r=bustage GECKO1912_20090729_RELBRANCH FIREFOX_3_5_2_BUILD1 FIREFOX_3_5_2_RELEASE
79b6e73e853a228a5d85809328294ed8b0d18e1dBen Hearsum — Backed out changeset d57f05bcdbe1 (because we're reverting the patch this is on top of). GECKO1912_20090729_RELBRANCH