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Fri Jun 05 02:55:33 2009 +0000
010761f9d36ba24af6cc70ca47cff3e11b909390Kev Needham — Bug 496409. Change the en-US Yahoo! search plugin fr code. r=beltzner
cf3f07dadf75a1014b165ab9cdcfb8e8660aa905Marco Bonardo — Bug 494371. Only GetItemType once per itemAdded notification, instead of once per per observer per notification. r=dietrich, a=shaver.
783767cb0d7e9fa71e1e438b2d64a53d7e1222c0Tobias Hunger — Bug 485579. Fix possible crash when closing tabs using cairo-qt. r=vlad, a=beltzner
9f212010c4d238c9e643439dcdb6f3fabceb35e0timeless — Bug 440982 To avoid calling JS at unsafe times from JS_GC, jsds_ScriptHookProc should not get the script hook unless it needs to and it is safe to call