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Fri Apr 17 08:02:57 2009 +0000
59ebaed79dc6022d44c825b1d4dbb9e45028192eDoug Turner — Bug 481780 - WINCE define needs to be in ACDEFINE. r=ted
894d3286f108e9d36a9caf7f37dafbc0ee9bc1d7Doug Turner — Bug 482797, 482739. A few fixes for Windows Mobile Software Keyboard handling. r=blassey, sr=vlad
e9032baaad921e8c8061fd55d0945ebea870f6f6Martijn Wargers — Bug 428013 - crash [@ nsPrintEngine::DocumentReadyForPrinting() ] when page is drag&drop to Print Preview window after printing, r=sharparrow1, sr=roc
a2c55ff414b1a889d1d628cb1f43aa2d1b32f9d4Ted Mielczarek — bug 475178 - nsStandardURL::SetRef broken in Win32 PGO with new PGO input. r+sr=bz
53b1d5859c31a1315de38f87b675a30f972b839eWalter Doekes — Bug 457147 - Thunderbird/Lightning hangs playing sound when calendar contains a certain event; r+sr=roc
4ad59d11723660c76acf46d72e5f036fc9e051dfMarkus Stange — Bug 481359 - Mouse shouldn't show spinner while pages are transferring, ui-r=beltzner r+sr=bzbarsky
2ae521c0e884cb81b8ab572e6e360484e3974e9eNochum Sossonko — Test for bug 364188 - param closes open div elements. r+sr=mrbkap
2b112400e92e5d3645fbebcc96d7df59196b22f8Martijn Wargers — Bug 364188. <param> should not close open <div> elements. r+sr=mrbkap