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Thu Jun 04 16:54:53 2009 +0000
5bb3a53e5ddda80bfeaca6d300103ce41ed5e3d6Andreas Gal — Capture missing globals from current environment, not the tree entry map when extending a side exit (495958, r=graydon).
4484277f94346ea90e7df5afcb8cea9096548674Andreas Gal — Fall off trace if 'this' is a 'with' object (496057, r=mrbkap).
ba731d4f9b0a9f83db1edc08047a420eaaca4c4aAndreas Gal — Bug 495897 - Assertion failure: ti->typeMap.matches(ti_other->typeMap) with undeclared global. r=dvander
17a92e7180ed0545b23e1fb1e9039c449618d3a8David Mandelin — Bug 495907: use more reliable code to get outermost tree script nest level, r=gal
50085f9b548eb0b69cb9549ed84103206ca7eca5Andreas Gal — Inspect the scope for the right object when looking up properties on fast arrays (495844, r=jwalden).
e292a34f8844dbd0f01efe63adc755e9d2e462fbAndreas Gal — Detect global object wrapping at recording time and on trace (495699, r=mrbkap).
71c7ae28fa74623de4bc6607b701674e289793e3David Mandelin — Bug 495773: include trace entry JSStackFrame in upvar search, also remove obsolete union from FrameInfo, r=gal
cd581b2585bc07826acb5193bd2e16d4dcd9ceedAndreas Gal — Bug 495396 - TM: missing early return in Nativei386 when generating LEA. r=edwsmith