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Tue Mar 09 14:45:02 2010 +0000
5d3418e69ab0f0964b17531c80859ce904f70d68Robert O'Callahan — Bug 499862. Need to flush out linebreaker stuff even if there are no mapped flows. r=smontagu
8c44b703f64a88056b2380454faa036c780db365Mike Hommey — b=546093 only advertise pdf and ps format for sending to the printer backend r=karlt
3c8ea850ffb44bd74f994d6aa630c31dfa11f6cbMats Palmgren — Clamp the result to the valid nscoord range. b=541869 r=roc
d9d8c0372d4e6f391e93a3b95c6c185eb399b483Mats Palmgren — mRectListHead.x needs a sentinel value (not y). Clarify the use of nscoord sentinel values and handle float nscoord too. b=541869 r=roc r=jonitis
fa02f59ba2f99b40fdc893954a722e20d14faa96Tim Terriberry — Bug 550184. Avoid using uninitialized data. r=doublec
644a650d452dd96cfe5635787bda0102d87017e4Brandon Sterne — Bug 452093 - [r=bzbarsky r=joe]