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Mon Jun 08 17:47:56 2009 +0000
2d0f0efc8f142f6af11a2a1d5690241a05408ee9danderson — Merge global type maps at the loop nesting anchor site (496743, r=gal).
3b76e2b5482b6a93d0eefecc764e5e9217fb6dccBrendan Eich — Skip let binding not in scope (in let head, e.g.) and find any shadowed binding (496532, r=mrbkap).
7e440eed8c443acc564c052d24dd27da6232fb55Brendan Eich — Last gasp for 496605 (r=igor).
8543216f2cad0cc0d8d124aa3f22359dff6a6922Brendan Eich — Fast ultimate fighting web-compat followup for 496605 (r=mrbkap).
1138b052566febfa1dc532232e9a0146b5460826Brendan Eich — Bug 496605 - Need to prevent optimized closure escape via foo.caller still (r=igor).