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Thu Feb 26 12:10:14 2009 +0000
ce70e94d5e1ce10cd5f4acc2faa64ce39bb9bb35Mats Palmgren — Crash test for bug 421671 and bug 444027.
4ad867d7a548de0e0547f64dd6d18654e2f69645SkyLined — Crash tests for bug 456727.
39460eaf5d0601dfd93067b44ac7b43a582e4ab2Mats Palmgren — Temporarily forget the line container while calculating widths for next-in-flow children. b=477928 r+sr=roc a1.9.1=dbaron
8fed6a0625cebd6e6542f004ee5616cf1646ee88Mats Palmgren — Keep track of the line container and forget the current line if it's for a different container. b=444027 r+sr=roc a1.9.1=dbaron