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Fri Jan 23 02:33:10 2009 +0000
f9bf8c0f3676e332f7942f9f6258d10c3b795e7aAndreas Gal — Use a single lirbuf for the tracer and rewind lirbuf during GC (471821, r=danderson).
4fa0463ddf165fd712ec18ccf9aa03b3acfb5f9bAndreas Gal — Store frame state information in the code cache and merely put a pointer to it onto the native call stack (470375, r=danderson).
4fe84f9aa9b97e8da9d6936f4f2f8a234cede160David Mandelin — Bug 471602 part 1: make regexp compiler use one shared LIR buffer, r=gal
dea8b86fe1609c20bd8589351312c19703afa980Brendan Eich — Bug 471531 - js1_7/decompilation/regress-379925.js | js1_8_1/decompilation/regress-371802.js FAIL (r=jorendorff).
a73c123918ba22f824a6f3efc1c98262f9999557David Mandelin — Attempted fix for bug 470492: top crash in regexp LIR generation, r=gal
a65262a34346e3692666440bb0972942a9cec744Andreas Gal — Allocate the next page to be used in a lirbuf early to avoid running OOM during a page overflow (471316, r=danderson).
348227af256540cd3ff2a87ff2ef0750261aaee4Brendan Eich — Bug 470374 - Decompiler fixes from bug 469625 (r=jorendorff).
6b6b7c1250302c9e0bdb150f91f7d87d595b3299Jeff Walden — Make similar-acting code similar-reading as well (but not shared due to the +/- difference), no bug