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Bug 474538 - nsIBrowserHistory::removePagesFromHost documentation is crazy, r=sdwilsh a=comment-only

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 * browser-specific interface to global history

#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIGlobalHistory2.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(96602bf3-de2a-42ed-812f-a83b130e6299)]
interface nsIBrowserHistory : nsIGlobalHistory2
     * addPageWithDetails
     * Adds a page to history with specific time stamp information. This is used in
     * the History migrator. 
    void addPageWithDetails(in nsIURI aURI, in wstring aTitle, in long long aLastVisited);

     * lastPageVisited
     * The last page that was visited in a top-level window.
    readonly attribute AUTF8String lastPageVisited;

     * count
     * Indicate if there are entries in global history
     * For performance reasons this does not return the real number of entries
    readonly attribute PRUint32 count;

     * removePage
     * Remove a page from history
    void removePage(in nsIURI aURI);

     * removePages
     * Remove a bunch of pages from history
     * Notice that this does not call observers for performance reasons,
     * instead setting aDoBatchNotify true will send Begin/EndUpdateBatch
    void removePages([array, size_is(aLength)] in nsIURI aURIs,
                     in unsigned long aLength, in boolean aDoBatchNotify);

     * removePagesFromHost
     * Removes all history information about pages from a given host. If
     * aEntireDomain is set, we will also delete pages from sub hosts (so if
     * we are passed in "" we delete "",
     * "", etc.). An empty host name means local files and
     * anything else with no host name. You can also pass in the localized
     * "(local files)" title given to you from a history query to remove all
     * history information from local files.
     * Note that this does not call observers for single deleted uris,
     * but will send Begin/EndUpdateBatch.
    void removePagesFromHost(in AUTF8String aHost, in boolean aEntireDomain);

     * removePagesByTimeframe
     * Remove all pages for a given timeframe.
     * Limits are included: aBeginTime <= timeframe <= aEndTime
     * Notice that this does not call observers for single deleted uris,
     * instead it will send Begin/EndUpdateBatch
    void removePagesByTimeframe(in long long aBeginTime, in long long aEndTime);

     * removeAllPages
     * Remove all pages from global history
    void removeAllPages();

     * hidePage
     * Hide the specified URL from being enumerated (and thus
     * displayed in the UI)
     * If the page hasn't been visited yet, then it will be added
     * as if it was visited, and then marked as hidden
    void hidePage(in nsIURI aURI);

     * markPageAsTyped
     * Designate the url as having been explicitly typed in by
     * the user, so it's okay to be an autocomplete result.
    void markPageAsTyped(in nsIURI aURI);