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Backed out changeset 961d90be2ba8 from bug 364315 due to random crashes in tests.

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#include "nsILoggingSink.h"
#include "nsIParser.h"

class nsLoggingSink : public nsILoggingSink {
  virtual ~nsLoggingSink();

  void SetProxySink(nsIHTMLContentSink *aSink) {

  void ReleaseProxySink() {

  // nsISupports

  // nsIContentSink
  NS_IMETHOD WillTokenize();
  NS_IMETHOD WillBuildModel();
  NS_IMETHOD DidBuildModel();
  NS_IMETHOD WillInterrupt();
  NS_IMETHOD WillResume();
  NS_IMETHOD SetParser(nsIParser* aParser);
  NS_IMETHOD OpenContainer(const nsIParserNode& aNode);
  NS_IMETHOD CloseContainer(const nsHTMLTag aTag);
  NS_IMETHOD AddLeaf(const nsIParserNode& aNode);
  NS_IMETHOD AddComment(const nsIParserNode& aNode);
  NS_IMETHOD AddProcessingInstruction(const nsIParserNode& aNode);
  NS_IMETHOD AddDocTypeDecl(const nsIParserNode& aNode);
  virtual void FlushPendingNotifications(mozFlushType aType) { }
  NS_IMETHOD SetDocumentCharset(nsACString& aCharset) { return NS_OK; }
  virtual nsISupports *GetTarget() { return nsnull; }

  // nsIHTMLContentSink
  NS_IMETHOD OpenHead();
  NS_IMETHOD IsEnabled(PRInt32 aTag, PRBool* aReturn) 
  /* Take the largest possible feature set. */
  { NS_ENSURE_ARG_POINTER(aReturn); *aReturn = PR_TRUE; return NS_OK; }
  NS_IMETHOD NotifyTagObservers(nsIParserNode* aNode) { return NS_OK; }
  NS_IMETHOD_(PRBool) IsFormOnStack() { return PR_FALSE; }

  NS_IMETHOD BeginContext(PRInt32 aPosition);
  NS_IMETHOD EndContext(PRInt32 aPosition);
  NS_IMETHOD WillProcessTokens(void) { return NS_OK; }
  NS_IMETHOD DidProcessTokens(void) { return NS_OK; }
  NS_IMETHOD WillProcessAToken(void) { return NS_OK; }
  NS_IMETHOD DidProcessAToken(void) { return NS_OK; }

  // nsILoggingSink
  NS_IMETHOD SetOutputStream(PRFileDesc *aStream,PRBool autoDelete=PR_FALSE);

  nsresult OpenNode(const char* aKind, const nsIParserNode& aNode);
  nsresult CloseNode(const char* aKind);
  nsresult LeafNode(const nsIParserNode& aNode);
  nsresult WriteAttributes(const nsIParserNode& aNode);
  nsresult QuoteText(const nsAString& aValue, nsString& aResult);
  nsresult GetNewCString(const nsAString& aValue, char** aResult);
  PRBool WillWriteAttributes(const nsIParserNode& aNode);

  PRFileDesc          *mOutput;
  int                  mLevel;
  nsIHTMLContentSink  *mSink;
  PRBool               mAutoDeleteOutput;
  nsIParser*           mParser;