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Fixing bustage

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#include "nsAccessibleWrap.h"

#include "nsObjCExceptions.h"

#import "mozAccessible.h"

/* Wrapper class.  

   This is needed because C++-only headers such as nsAccessibleWrap.h must not depend
   on Objective-C and Cocoa. Classes in accessible/src/base depend on them, and other modules in turn
   depend on them, so in the end all of Mozilla would end up having to link against Cocoa and be renamed .mm :-)

   In order to have a mozAccessible object wrapped, the user passes itself (nsAccessible*) and the subclass of
   mozAccessible that should be instantiated.

   In the header file, the AccessibleWrapper is used as the member, and is forward-declared (because this header
   cannot be #included directly.

struct AccessibleWrapper {
  mozAccessible *object;
  AccessibleWrapper (nsAccessibleWrap *parent, Class classType) {

    object = (mozAccessible*)[[classType alloc] initWithAccessible:parent];


  ~AccessibleWrapper () {

    // if some third-party still holds on to the object, it's important that it is marked
    // as expired, so it can't do any harm (e.g., walk into an expired hierarchy of nodes).
    [object expire];
    [object release];


  mozAccessible* getNativeObject () {
    return object;
  PRBool isIgnored () {

    return (PRBool)[object accessibilityIsIgnored];