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bug 607946 - Allow specifying a post-upload command for uploadsymbols. r=catlee a=dveditz

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# ***** END LICENSE BLOCK *****
# This script expects the following environment variables to be set:
# SYMBOL_SERVER_HOST    : host to upload symbols to
# SYMBOL_SERVER_USER    : username on that host
# SYMBOL_SERVER_PATH    : path on that host to put symbols in
# And will use the following optional environment variables if set:
# SYMBOL_SERVER_SSH_KEY : path to a ssh private key to use
# SYMBOL_SERVER_PORT    : port to use for ssh
# POST_SYMBOL_UPLOAD_CMD: a commandline to run on the remote host after
#                         uploading. The full path of the symbol index
#                         file will be appended to the commandline.
set -e

: ${SYMBOL_SERVER_HOST?} ${SYMBOL_SERVER_USER?} ${SYMBOL_SERVER_PATH?} ${1?"You must specify a symbol archive to upload"}
archive=`basename "$1"`
echo "Transferring symbols... $1"
echo "Unpacking symbols on remote host..."
  "set -e;
   umask 0022;
   unzip -o '$archive';
   rm -v '$archive';"
if test -n "$POST_SYMBOL_UPLOAD_CMD"; then
echo "Symbol transfer completed"