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[qa] Bug 906688 - Remove Google Reader from as feed handler

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# LOCALIZATION NOTE: You can additional bookmark entries here for inclusion
# in your language's default profiles.
# Please do not add many entries here, only things that many users in your
# country will actually need.
# For most localizations, it's enough to localize the descriptions and domain
# names of the Google bookmarks below.

    <DT><H3>Recherches sur le Web</H3>
        <DT><A HREF="">Google</A>
        <DT><A HREF="">Les groupes Google</A>
        <DT><A HREF="">L'actualité sur Google</A>

    <DT><H3>Sites communautaires</H3>
        <DT><A HREF="">Geckozone, site d'assistance francophone des logiciels basés sur Gecko</A>
        <DT><A HREF="">Frenchmozilla, site des traducteurs francophones des logiciels basés sur Gecko</A>

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