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#   These are errors that will be shown to the user in conversation.
error.tooLong		=内容が 140 文字を超えています。
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (error.general, error.retweet, error.delete):
#   %1$S will be either the error string returned by the twitter server,
#   in English, inside parenthesis, or the empty string if we have no specific
#   message for the error.
#   %2$S is the message that caused the error.
error.general		=送信中にエラー %1$S が発生しました: %2$S
error.retweet		=リツイート中にエラー %1$S が発生しました: %2$S
error.delete		=削除中にエラー %1$S が発生しました: %2$S

#   This is the title of the conversation tab, %S will be replaced by
#   @<username>.
timeline		=%S のタイムライン

#  This will be an action in the context menu of displayed tweets.
action.copyLink		=ツイートの URL をコピー
action.retweet		=リツイート
action.reply		=返信
action.delete		=削除
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (action.follow, action.stopFollowing):
#  %S will be replaced by the screen name of a twitter user.
action.follow		=%S さんをフォロー
action.stopFollowing	=%S さんのフォローを停止

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (event.follow, event.unfollow, event.followed):
#  This will be displayed in system messages inside the timeline conversation.
#  %S will be replaced by the screen name of a twitter user.
event.follow		=%S さんをフォローしました。
event.unfollow		=%S さんのフォローを止めました。
event.followed		=%S さんがあなたをフォローしました。
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (event.deleted):
#  %S will be replaced by the text of the deleted tweet.
event.deleted		=このツイートを削除しました: "%S"

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (replyingToStatusText):
#  This will be visible in the status bar of the conversation window
#  while the user is typing a reply to a tweet.
#  %S will be replaced by the text of the tweet the user is replying to.
replyingToStatusText	=ツイートへの返信: %S

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (connection.*):
#   These will be displayed in the account manager in order to show the progress
#   of the connection.
#   (These will be displayed in account.connection.progress from
#, which adds … at the end, so do not include
#    periods at the end of these messages.)
connection.initAuth		=認証処理を開始します
connection.requestAuth		=あなたの承認待ちです
connection.requestAccess	=認証処理を完了します
connection.requestTimelines	=ユーザのタイムラインを要求しています
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (connection.error.*):
#   These will show in the account manager if an error occurs during the
#   connection attempt.
connection.error.userMismatch	=ユーザ名が間違っています。
connection.error.failedToken	=要求トークンの取得に失敗しました。
connection.error.authCancelled	=認証処理がキャンセルされました。
connection.error.authFailed	=認証に失敗しました。
connection.error.noNetwork	=ネットワークに接続されていません。

#   This is the prompt in the browser window that pops up to authorize us
#   to use a Twitter account. It is shown in the title bar of the authorization
#   window.
authPrompt		=Twitter アカウントの使用権限を与えてください

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (options.*):
#   These are the protocol specific options shown in the account manager and
#   account wizard windows.
options.track		=追跡するキーワード

# LOCALIZATION NOTE (tooltip.*):
#   These are the Twitter information that will appear in the tooltip
#   for each participant on the home timeline.
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (tooltip.created_at): the date the user joined.
tooltip.created_at	=利用開始
tooltip.location	=場所
tooltip.lang		=言語
tooltip.time_zone	=タイムゾーン
tooltip.url		=ホームページ
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (tooltip.protected):
#  whether the user's tweets are publicly visible.
tooltip.protected	=ツイート非公開
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (tooltip.following):
#  whether you are subscribed to the user's tweets.
tooltip.following	=フォロー中
tooltip.description	=自己紹介
# LOCALIZATION NOTE (tooltip.*_count):
#  Please see the right side of the official Twitter website UI.
tooltip.friends_count	=フォロー数
tooltip.statuses_count	=ツイート数
tooltip.followers_count	=フォロワー数
tooltip.listed_count	=リスト登録数

#  These are used to turn true/false values into a yes/no response.
yes			=はい
no			=いいえ