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Bug 1180656 - Update en-GB for Gecko 40 - Mobile part r=me
--- a/mobile/android/base/android_strings.dtd
+++ b/mobile/android/base/android_strings.dtd
@@ -1,18 +1,18 @@
 <!-- This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
    - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
    - file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. -->
 <!ENTITY  no_space_to_start_error "There is not enough space available for &brandShortName; to start.">
 <!ENTITY  error_loading_file "An error occurred when trying to load files required to run &brandShortName;">
-<!ENTITY  onboard_start_message2 "Welcome to &brandShortName;">
-<!ENTITY  onboard_start_subtext2 "More privacy features and ways to customise than ever.">
+<!ENTITY  onboard_start_message3 "Browse with &brandShortName;">
+<!ENTITY  onboard_start_subtext3 "Make your mobile Web browsing experience truly your own.">
 <!ENTITY  onboard_start_button_account "Sign in to &brandShortName;">
 <!ENTITY  onboard_start_button_browser "Start Browsing">
 <!-- Localization note: These are used as the titles of different pages on the home screen.
      They are automatically converted to all caps by the Android platform. -->
 <!ENTITY  bookmarks_title "Bookmarks">
 <!ENTITY  history_title "History">
 <!ENTITY  reading_list_title "Reading List">
@@ -109,17 +109,16 @@
 <!ENTITY overlay_share_send_other "Send to other devices">
 <!-- Localization note (overlay_share_send_tab_btn_label) : Used on the
      share overlay menu to represent the "Send Tab" action when the user
      either has not set up Sync, or has no other devices to send a tab
      to. -->
 <!ENTITY overlay_share_send_tab_btn_label "Send to another device">
 <!ENTITY overlay_share_no_url "No link found in this share">
-<!ENTITY overlay_share_retry "Try again">
 <!ENTITY overlay_share_select_device "Select device">
 <!-- Localization note (overlay_no_synced_devices) : Used when the menu option
      to send a tab to a synced device is pressed and no other synced devices
      are found. -->
 <!ENTITY overlay_no_synced_devices "No Firefox Account connected devices found">
 <!-- Localization note (overlay_share_tab_not_sent) : Used when the menu option
      to send a tab to a synced device is pressed and there is an error
      connecting to the server so the tab could not be sent. The text should be
@@ -145,18 +144,16 @@
 <!ENTITY pref_search_restore_defaults_summary "Restore defaults">
 <!-- Localization note (pref_search_hint) : "TIP" as in "hint", "clue" etc. Displayed as an
      advisory message on the customise search providers settings page explaining how to add new
      search providers.
      The &formatI; in the string will be replaced by a small image of the icon described, and can be moved to wherever
      it is applicable. -->
 <!ENTITY pref_search_hint "TIP: Add any web site to your list of search providers by long-pressing on its search field and then tapping the &formatI; icon.">
 <!ENTITY pref_category_devtools "Developer tools">
-<!ENTITY pref_category_devtools_summary "Remote debugging, paint flashing">
-<!ENTITY pref_developer_paint_flashing "Paint flashing">
 <!ENTITY pref_developer_remotedebugging "Remote debugging">
 <!ENTITY pref_category_logins "Logins">
 <!ENTITY pref_remember_signons "Remember passwords">
 <!ENTITY pref_manage_logins "Manage logins">
 <!ENTITY pref_category_home "Home">
 <!ENTITY pref_category_home_summary "Customise your homepage">
 <!ENTITY pref_category_home_panels "Panels">
@@ -187,32 +184,32 @@
 <!ENTITY pref_cookies_not_accept_foreign "Enabled, excluding 3rd party">
 <!ENTITY pref_cookies_disabled "Disabled">
 <!ENTITY pref_tracking_protection_title "Tracking protection">
 <!ENTITY pref_tracking_protection_summary "&brandShortName; will prevent sites from tracking you">
 <!ENTITY pref_donottrack_title "Do not track">
 <!ENTITY pref_donottrack_summary "&brandShortName; will tell sites that you do not want to be tracked">
-<!ENTITY tab_queue_toast_message "Open later">
+<!ENTITY tab_queue_toast_message2 "Tab queued in &brandShortName;">
 <!ENTITY tab_queue_toast_action "Open now">
-<!-- Localization note (tab_queue_notification_text_plural) : The
+<!ENTITY tab_queue_prompt_title "Opening multiple links?">
+<!ENTITY tab_queue_prompt_text2 "Open them without switching to &brandShortName; each time.">
+<!ENTITY tab_queue_prompt_tip_text "you can change this later in Settings">
+<!ENTITY tab_queue_prompt_positive_action_button "Enable">
+<!ENTITY tab_queue_prompt_negative_action_button "Not now">
+<!ENTITY tab_queue_notification_title "&brandShortName;">
+<!-- Localization note (tab_queue_notification_text_plural2) : The
      formatD is replaced with the number of tabs queued.  The
      number of tabs queued is always more than one.  We can't use
      Android plural forms, sadly. See Bug #753859. -->
-<!ENTITY tab_queue_notification_text_plural "&formatD; tabs queued">
-<!-- Localization note (tab_queue_notification_title_plural) : This is the
-     title of a notification; we expect more than one tab queued. -->
-<!ENTITY tab_queue_notification_title_plural "Tabs Queued">
-<!-- Localization note (tab_queue_notification_title_singular) : This is the
-     title of a notification; we expect only one tab queued. -->
-<!ENTITY tab_queue_notification_title_singular "Tab Queued">
-<!-- Localization note (tab_queue_notification_text_singular) : This is the
+<!ENTITY tab_queue_notification_text_plural2 "&formatD; tabs waiting">
+<!-- Localization note (tab_queue_notification_text_singular2) : This is the
      text of a notification; we expect only one tab queued. -->
-<!ENTITY tab_queue_notification_text_singular "1 tab queued">
+<!ENTITY tab_queue_notification_text_singular2 "1 tab waiting">
 <!ENTITY pref_char_encoding "Character encoding">
 <!ENTITY pref_char_encoding_on "Show menu">
 <!ENTITY pref_char_encoding_off "Don\'t show menu">
 <!ENTITY pref_clear_private_data2 "Clear now">
 <!ENTITY pref_clear_private_data_category "Clear private data">
 <!ENTITY pref_clear_on_exit_title2 "Clear on exit">
 <!ENTITY pref_clear_on_exit_summary2 "&brandShortName; will automatically clear your data whenever you select \u0022Quit\u0022 from the main menu">
@@ -250,17 +247,18 @@ size. -->
 <!ENTITY pref_use_master_password "Use master password">
 <!ENTITY pref_sync "Sync">
 <!ENTITY pref_sync_summary "Synchronise your tabs, bookmarks, passwords, history">
 <!ENTITY pref_search_suggestions "Show search suggestions">
 <!ENTITY pref_import_android "Import from Android">
 <!ENTITY pref_import_android_summary "Import bookmarks and history from the native browser">
 <!ENTITY pref_private_data_history2 "Browsing history">
-<!ENTITY pref_private_data_formdata "Form &amp; search history">
+<!ENTITY pref_private_data_searchHistory "Search history">
+<!ENTITY pref_private_data_formdata2 "Form history">
 <!ENTITY pref_private_data_cookies2 "Cookies &amp; active logins">
 <!ENTITY pref_private_data_passwords "Saved passwords">
 <!ENTITY pref_private_data_cache "Cache">
 <!ENTITY pref_private_data_offlineApps "Offline web site data">
 <!ENTITY pref_private_data_siteSettings2 "Site settings">
 <!ENTITY pref_private_data_downloadFiles2 "Downloads">
@@ -375,28 +373,29 @@ size. -->
 <!-- Localization note (doorhanger_login_no_username): This string is used in the save-login doorhanger
      where normally a username would be displayed. In this case, no username was found, and this placeholder
      contains brackets to indicate this is not actually a username, but rather a placeholder -->
 <!ENTITY doorhanger_login_no_username "[No username]">
 <!ENTITY doorhanger_login_edit_title "Edit login">
 <!ENTITY doorhanger_login_edit_username_hint "Username">
 <!ENTITY doorhanger_login_edit_password_hint "Password">
 <!ENTITY doorhanger_login_edit_toggle "Show password">
+<!ENTITY doorhanger_login_edit_toast_error "Failed to save login">
 <!ENTITY pref_titlebar_mode "Title bar">
 <!ENTITY pref_titlebar_mode_title "Show page title">
 <!ENTITY pref_titlebar_mode_url "Show page address">
 <!-- Localization note (pref_scroll_title_bar2): Label for setting that controls
      whether or not the dynamic toolbar is enabled. -->
 <!ENTITY pref_scroll_title_bar2 "Full-screen browsing">
 <!ENTITY pref_scroll_title_bar_summary "Hide the &brandShortName; title bar when scrolling down a page">
-<!ENTITY pref_tab_queue_title "Open later">
-<!ENTITY pref_tab_queue_summary "Prevent tabs from opening immediately, but open all queued tabs the next time &brandShortName; loads.">
+<!ENTITY pref_tab_queue_title2 "Open multiple links">
+<!ENTITY pref_tab_queue_summary2 "Queue links for later instead of switching to &brandShortName; each time">
 <!-- Localization note (page_removed): This string appears in a toast message when
      any page is removed frome about:home. This includes pages that are in history,
      bookmarks, or reading list. -->
 <!ENTITY page_removed "Page removed">
 <!ENTITY bookmark_edit_title "Edit Bookmark">
 <!ENTITY bookmark_edit_name "Name">
@@ -436,16 +435,18 @@ size. -->
 <!ENTITY button_cancel "Cancel">
 <!ENTITY button_yes "Yes">
 <!ENTITY button_no "No">
 <!ENTITY button_clear_data "Clear data">
 <!ENTITY button_set "Set">
 <!ENTITY button_clear "Clear">
 <!ENTITY button_remember "Remember">
+<!ENTITY firstrun_panel_title_welcome "Welcome">
 <!ENTITY home_top_sites_title "Top Sites">
 <!-- Localization note (home_top_sites_add): This string is used as placeholder
      text underneath empty thumbnails in the Top Sites page on about:home. -->
 <!ENTITY home_top_sites_add "Add a site">
 <!-- Localization note (home_title): This string should be kept in sync
           with the page title defined in aboutHome.dtd -->
 <!ENTITY home_title "&brandShortName; Home">
@@ -608,16 +609,24 @@ just addresses the organization to follo
 <!-- Miscellaneous -->
 <!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (ellipsis): This text is appended to a piece of text that does not fit in the
      designated space. Use the unicode ellipsis char, \u2026, or use "..." if \u2026 doesn't suit
      traditions in your locale. -->
 <!ENTITY ellipsis "…">
 <!ENTITY colon ":">
+<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (percent): The percent sign is appended after a number to
+     display a percentage value. formatS is the number, #37 is the code to display a percent sign.
+     This format string is typically used by getString method, in such method the percent sign
+     is a reserved caracter. In order to display one percent sign in the result of getString,
+     double percent signs must be inserted in the format string.
+     This entity is used in the zoomed view to display the zoom factor-->
+<!ENTITY percent "&formatS;&#37;&#37;">
 <!-- These are only used for accessiblity for the done and overflow-menu buttons in the actionbar.
      They are never shown to users -->
 <!ENTITY actionbar_menu "Menu">
 <!ENTITY actionbar_done "Done">
 <!-- Voice search in the awesome bar -->
 <!ENTITY voicesearch_prompt "Speak now">
 <!ENTITY voicesearch_failed_title "&brandShortName; Voice Search">
--- a/mobile/android/chrome/phishing.dtd
+++ b/mobile/android/chrome/phishing.dtd
@@ -10,8 +10,13 @@
 <!ENTITY safeb.blocked.malwarePage.title "Reported Attack Page!">
 <!-- Localization note (safeb.blocked.malware.shortDesc) - Please don't translate the contents of the <span id="malware_sitename"/> tag.  It will be replaced at runtime with a domain name (e.g. www.badsite.com) -->
 <!ENTITY safeb.blocked.malwarePage.shortDesc "This web page at <span id='malware_sitename'/> has been reported as an attack page and has been blocked based on your security preferences.">
 <!ENTITY safeb.blocked.malwarePage.longDesc "<p>Attack pages try to install programs that steal private information, use your computer to attack others, or damage your system.</p><p>Some attack pages intentionally distribute harmful software, but many are compromised without the knowledge or permission of their owners.</p>">
 <!ENTITY safeb.blocked.phishingPage.title2 "Suspected Web Forgery!">
 <!ENTITY safeb.blocked.phishingPage.shortDesc2 "Entering any personal information on this page may result in identity theft or other fraud.">
 <!ENTITY safeb.blocked.phishingPage.longDesc2 "<p>These types of web forgeries are used in scams known as phishing attacks, in which fraudulent web pages and emails are used to imitate sources you may trust.</p>">
+<!ENTITY safeb.blocked.unwantedPage.title "Reported Unwanted Software Site!">
+<!-- Localization note (safeb.blocked.unwanted.shortDesc) - Please don't translate the contents of the <span id="unwanted_sitename"/> tag.  It will be replaced at runtime with a domain name (e.g. www.badsite.com) -->
+<!ENTITY safeb.blocked.unwantedPage.shortDesc "This web page at <span id='unwanted_sitename'/> has been reported to contain unwanted software and has been blocked based on your security preferences.">
+<!ENTITY safeb.blocked.unwantedPage.longDesc "Unwanted software pages try to install software that can be deceptive and affect your system in unexpected ways.">
--- a/mobile/overrides/appstrings.properties
+++ b/mobile/overrides/appstrings.properties
@@ -26,12 +26,13 @@ unsafeContentType=The page you are tryin
 externalProtocolTitle=External Protocol Request
 externalProtocolPrompt=An external application must be launched to handle %1$S: links.\n\n\nRequested link:\n\n%2$S\n\nApplication: %3$S\n\n\nIf you were not expecting this request it may be an attempt to exploit a weakness in that other program. Cancel this request unless you are sure it is not malicious.\n
 #LOCALIZATION NOTE (externalProtocolUnknown): The following string is shown if the application name can't be determined
 externalProtocolChkMsg=Remember my choice for all links of this type.
 externalProtocolLaunchBtn=Launch application
 malwareBlocked=The site at %S has been reported as an attack site and has been blocked based on your security preferences.
 phishingBlocked=The web site at %S has been reported as a web forgery designed to trick users into sharing personal or financial information.
+unwantedBlocked=The site at %S has been reported as serving unwanted software and has been blocked based on your security preferences.
 cspBlocked=This page has a content security policy that prevents it from being loaded in this way.
 corruptedContentError=The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because an error in the data transmission was detected.
 remoteXUL=This page uses an unsupported technology that is no longer available by default in Firefox.
 sslv3Used=Firefox cannot guarantee the safety of your data on %S because it uses SSLv3, a broken security protocol.