nova ... passa a ser ... nova
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Fri, 16 Dec 2011 22:11:03 +0100
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nova ... passa a ser ... nova
--- a/calendar/chrome/calendar/
+++ b/calendar/chrome/calendar/
@@ -321,18 +321,18 @@ repeatDetailsInfinite=Es repeteix %1$S\n
 repeatDetailsInfiniteAllDay=Es repeteix %1$S\na partir del %2$S.
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (ruleTooComplex):
 # This string is shown in the reminder details area if our code can't handle the
 # complexity of the recurrence rule yet.
 ruleTooComplex=Feu clic aquí per a més informació
 # differences between the dialog for an Event or a Task
-newEvent=Nova cita
-newTask=Nova tasca
+newEvent=Cita nova
+newTask=Tasca nova
 emailSubjectReply=Re: %1$S
 # Link Location Dialog
--- a/calendar/chrome/calendar/calendar.dtd
+++ b/calendar/chrome/calendar/calendar.dtd
@@ -45,18 +45,18 @@
    - the terms of any one of the MPL, the GPL or the LGPL.
    - ***** END LICENSE BLOCK ***** -->
 <!-- General -->
 <!ENTITY calendar.calendar.label     "Calendari">
 <!ENTITY calendar.calendar.accesskey "C">
-<!ENTITY calendar.newevent.button.tooltip         "Crea una nova cita" >
-<!ENTITY calendar.newtask.button.tooltip          "Crea una nova tasca" >
+<!ENTITY calendar.newevent.button.tooltip         "Crea una cita nova" >
+<!ENTITY calendar.newtask.button.tooltip          "Crea una tasca nova" >
 <!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.todoitems.label       "Tasques" >
 <!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.showcompletedtodos.label "Mostra les tasques finalitzades">
 <!ENTITY       "Avui">
 <!ENTITY calendar.tomorrow.button.label       "Demà">
 <!ENTITY calendar.soon.button.label           "Aviat">
@@ -107,18 +107,18 @@
 <!ENTITY calendar.navigation.nextday.tooltip    "Un dia després" >
 <!ENTITY calendar.navigation.prevday.tooltip    "Un dia abans" >
 <!ENTITY calendar.navigation.nextweek.tooltip   "Una setmana després" >
 <!ENTITY calendar.navigation.prevweek.tooltip   "Una setmana abans" >
 <!ENTITY calendar.navigation.nextmonth.tooltip  "Un mes després" >
 <!ENTITY calendar.navigation.prevmonth.tooltip  "Un mes abans" >
-<!ENTITY calendar.newevent.button.label         "Nova cita" >
-<!ENTITY calendar.newtask.button.label          "Nova tasca" >
+<!ENTITY calendar.newevent.button.label         "Cita nova" >
+<!ENTITY calendar.newtask.button.label          "Tasca nova" >
 <!ENTITY calendar.print.button.label            "Imprimeix" >
 <!ENTITY calendar.export.calendar                "Exporta el calendari…" >
 <!ENTITY              "Vista diària" >
 <!ENTITY calendar.week.button.label             "Vista setmanal" >
 <!ENTITY calendar.month.button.label            "Vista mensual" >
 <!ENTITY calendar.multiweek.button.label        "Vista multisetmanal" >
@@ -182,19 +182,19 @@
 <!ENTITY statusText.label            "Document: Fet">
 <!-- Context Menu -->
 <!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyorviewitem.label      "Obre">
 <!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyorviewitem.accesskey  "O">
 <!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyorviewtask.label      "Obre la tasca…">
 <!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyorviewtask.accesskey  "O">
-<!ENTITY calendar.context.newevent.label              "Nova cita…">
-<!ENTITY calendar.context.newevent.accesskey          "N">
-<!ENTITY calendar.context.newtodo.label               "Nova tasca…">
+<!ENTITY calendar.context.newevent.label              "Cita nova…">
+<!ENTITY calendar.context.newevent.accesskey          "C">
+<!ENTITY calendar.context.newtodo.label               "Tasca nova…">
 <!ENTITY calendar.context.newtodo.accesskey           "o">
 <!ENTITY calendar.context.deletetask.label            "Suprimeix la tasca">
 <!ENTITY calendar.context.deletetask.accesskey        "S">
 <!ENTITY calendar.context.deleteevent.label           "Suprimeix la cita">
 <!ENTITY calendar.context.deleteevent.accesskey       "S">
 <!ENTITY calendar.context.cutevent.label              "Retalla">
 <!ENTITY calendar.context.cutevent.accesskey          "t">
 <!ENTITY calendar.context.copyevent.label             "Copia">
--- a/calendar/chrome/calendar/
+++ b/calendar/chrome/calendar/
@@ -44,22 +44,22 @@
 # Misc. strings in JS
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (PrintPreviewWindowTitle):
 #    %1$S will be replaced with the title of a html frame
 PrintPreviewWindowTitle=Exemple d'impressió de %1$S
 Untitled=Sense títol
 # Default name for new events
-newEvent=Nova cita
+newEvent=Cita nova
 # Titles for the event/task dialog
-newEventDialog=Nova cita
+newEventDialog=Cita nova
 editEventDialog=Edita la cita
-newTaskDialog=Nova tasca
+newTaskDialog=Tasca nova
 editTaskDialog=Edita la tasca
 # Do you want to save changes?
 askSaveTitleEvent=Desa la cita
 askSaveTitleTask=Desa la tasca
 askSaveMessageEvent=La cita encara no s'ha desat. Voleu desar-la?
 askSaveMessageTask=La tasca encara no s'ha desat. Voleu desar-la?
@@ -466,17 +466,17 @@ errorWriting=S'ha produït un error quan s'escrivia al calendari %1$S!
 #    %1$S will be replaced with the name of a calendar
 tooltipCalendarDisabled=El calendari %1$S no està disponible temporalment
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (tooltipCalendarReadOnly):
 # used for an message like 'The calendar Home is readonly'
 #    %1$S will be replaced with the name of a calendar
 tooltipCalendarReadOnly=El calendari %1$S només és de lectura
-taskEditInstructions=Feu clic aquí per afegir una nova tasca
+taskEditInstructions=Feu clic aquí per afegir una tasca nova
 taskEditInstructionsReadonly=Seleccioneu un calendari editable
 taskEditInstructionsCapability=Seleccioneu un calendari que permeti tasques
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (datetimeWithTimezone):
 # used for a display of a date-time with timezone 'Thu 2 Oct 2008 13:21', Europe/Paris
--- a/calendar/chrome/calendar/menuOverlay.dtd
+++ b/calendar/chrome/calendar/menuOverlay.dtd
@@ -37,21 +37,21 @@
    - decision by deleting the provisions above and replace them with the notice
    - and other provisions required by the LGPL or the GPL. If you do not delete
    - the provisions above, a recipient may use your version of this file under
    - the terms of any one of the MPL, the GPL or the LGPL.
    - ***** END LICENSE BLOCK ***** -->
 <!-- Event Menu -->
-<!ENTITY                        "Nova cita…">
+<!ENTITY                        "Cita nova…">
 <!ENTITY                    "N">
 <!ENTITY              "c">
-<!ENTITY                         "Nova tasca…">
+<!ENTITY                         "Tasca nova…">
 <!ENTITY                     "T">
 <!ENTITY               "t">
 <!ENTITY              "Nou calendari…">
 <!ENTITY                "L">
 <!ENTITY          "d">
 <!ENTITY calendar.print.label                   "Imprimeix…">