[ca] update from Pootle (lightning)
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Sat, 27 May 2017 15:30:43 +0000
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[ca] update from Pootle (lightning)
--- a/calendar/chrome/calendar/calendar-event-dialog.dtd
+++ b/calendar/chrome/calendar/calendar-event-dialog.dtd
@@ -22,17 +22,17 @@
 <!ENTITY newevent.status.tentative.accesskey      "P" >
 <!ENTITY newevent.status.confirmed.label          "Confirmada" >
 <!ENTITY newevent.status.confirmed.accesskey      "C" >
 <!ENTITY newevent.status.needsaction.label        "Necessita una acció" >
 <!ENTITY newevent.status.inprogress.label         "En curs" >
 <!ENTITY newevent.status.completed.label          "Acabada el dia" >
 <!-- The following entity is for New Task dialog only -->
-<!ENTITY newtodo.percentcomplete.label      "&#037; acabat">
+<!ENTITY newtodo.percentcomplete.label      "&#037; acabada">
 <!-- LOCALIZATON NOTE(event.attendees.notify.label,event.attendees.notifyundisclosed.label,
    - These three labels are displayed side by side in the event dialog, make sure
    - they still fit in. -->
 <!ENTITY event.attendees.notify.label                "Notifica els assistents">
 <!ENTITY event.attendees.notify.accesskey            "f">
 <!ENTITY event.attendees.notifyundisclosed.label     "Invitació separada per a cada assistent">
--- a/calendar/chrome/calendar/calendar.dtd
+++ b/calendar/chrome/calendar/calendar.dtd
@@ -30,18 +30,18 @@
    - task tree view. -->
 <!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.done.label                "Feta">
 <!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.done.tooltip2             "Ordena per compleció">
 <!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.priority.label            "Prioritat">
 <!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.priority.tooltip2         "Ordena per prioritat">
 <!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.title.label               "Títol">
 <!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.title.tooltip2            "Ordena per títol">
-<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.percentcomplete.label     "&#037; acabat">
-<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.percentcomplete.tooltip2  "Ordena per &#037; acabat">
+<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.percentcomplete.label     "&#037; acabada">
+<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.percentcomplete.tooltip2  "Ordena per &#037; acabada">
 <!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.startdate.label           "Inici">
 <!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.startdate.tooltip2        "Ordena per data d'inici">
 <!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.enddate.label             "Fi">
 <!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.enddate.tooltip2          "Ordena per data de fi">
 <!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.duedate.label             "Venciment">
 <!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.duedate.tooltip2          "Ordena per data de venciment">
 <!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.completeddate.label       "Acabada">
 <!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.completeddate.tooltip2    "Ordena per data d'acabament">
--- a/calendar/chrome/calendar/calendar.properties
+++ b/calendar/chrome/calendar/calendar.properties
@@ -145,17 +145,17 @@ tooltipCalName=Nom del calendari:
 # event organizer
 # task/todo fields
 # start date time, due date time, task priority number, completed date time
-tooltipPercent=% acabat:
+tooltipPercent=% acabada:
 # Tooltips for attendees and organizer in event and summary dialog
 # LOCALIZATION_NOTE(dialog.tooltip.attendee.combined): tooltip for itip icon in summary/event dialog.
 # Given an attendee loungeexample.org of type room is a mandatory participant and has accepted the
 # invitation, the tooltip would be:
 # lounge@example.org (room) is a required participant. lounge@example.org has confirmed attendance.
@@ -404,17 +404,17 @@ multipleCategories=Múltiples categories
 #Today pane
 eventsandtasks=Cites i tasques
 # Some languages have different conjugations of 'next' and 'last'.  If yours
 # does not, simply repeat the value.  This will be used with day names, as in
 # 'next Sunday'.
@@ -457,17 +457,17 @@ alarmDefaultSummary=Resum per defecte de
 # forms.
 alarmSnoozeLimitExceeded=No podeu ajornar una alarma més enllà d'#1 mes.;No podeu ajornar una alarma més enllà de #1 mesos.
 taskDetailsStatusNeedsAction=Necessita una acció
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (taskDetailsStatusInProgress):
 # used for a display of how much of a task is completed '25% Complete'
 #    %1$S will be replaced with the number of percentage completed
-taskDetailsStatusInProgress=%1$S%% acabat
+taskDetailsStatusInProgress=%1$S%% acabada
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (taskDetailsStatusCompletedOn):
 # used for a display of completion date like 'Completed on Thu 2 Oct 2008 13:21'
 #    %1$S will be replaced with the completion date-time of the task
 taskDetailsStatusCompletedOn=Acabada el %1$S
@@ -524,23 +524,23 @@ singleLongCalendarWeek=Setmana del calen
 # used for display of calendar weeks in short form like 'Calendar Weeks 43 - 45'
 #    %1$S will be replaced with the index of the start-week
 #    %2$S will be replaced with the index of the end-week
 severalLongCalendarWeeks=Setmanes del calendari %1$S-%2$S
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (singleShortCalendarWeek):
 # used for display of calendar weeks in short form like 'CW 43'
 #    %1$S will be replaced with the index of the week
-singleShortCalendarWeek=S: %1$S
+singleShortCalendarWeek=Setm.: %1$S
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (severalShortCalendarWeeks):
 # used for display of calendar weeks in short form like 'CWs 43 - 45'
 #    %1$S will be replaced with the index of the start-week
 #    %2$S will be replaced with the index of the end-week
-severalShortCalendarWeeks=S: %1$S-%2$S
+severalShortCalendarWeeks=Setm.: %1$S-%2$S
 # LOCALIZATION NOTE (abbreviationOfWeek):
 # Used for displaying the week number in the first day box of every week
 # in multiweek and month views.
 # It allows to localize the label with the week number in case your locale
 # requires it.
 # Take into account that this label is placed in the same room of the day label
 # inside the day boxes, exactly on left side, hence a possible string shouldn't