Pontoon: Update Serbian (sr) localization of Lightning Aurora
authorМарко Костић (Marko Kostić) <marko.m.kostic@gmail.com>
Wed, 08 Feb 2017 19:57:03 +0000
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Pontoon: Update Serbian (sr) localization of Lightning Aurora Localization authors: - Марко Костић (Marko Kostić) <marko.m.kostic@gmail.com>
--- a/calendar/chrome/calendar/calendar-event-dialog.dtd
+++ b/calendar/chrome/calendar/calendar-event-dialog.dtd
@@ -17,47 +17,82 @@
 <!ENTITY newevent.todoStatus.none.label           "Није наведено" >
 <!ENTITY newevent.eventStatus.cancelled.label     "Отказано" >
 <!ENTITY newevent.eventStatus.cancelled.accesskey "к" >
 <!ENTITY newevent.todoStatus.cancelled.label      "Отказано" >
 <!ENTITY newevent.status.tentative.label          "Привремено" >
 <!ENTITY newevent.status.tentative.accesskey      "м" >
 <!ENTITY newevent.status.confirmed.label          "Потврђено" >
 <!ENTITY newevent.status.confirmed.accesskey      "в" >
+<!ENTITY newevent.status.needsaction.label        "Потребна радња" >
 <!ENTITY newevent.status.inprogress.label         "У поступку" >
 <!ENTITY newevent.status.completed.label          "Завршено у" >
 <!-- The following entity is for New Task dialog only -->
 <!ENTITY newtodo.percentcomplete.label      "&#37; завршено">
 <!-- LOCALIZATON NOTE(event.attendees.notify.label,event.attendees.notifyundisclosed.label,
    - These three labels are displayed side by side in the event dialog, make sure
    - they still fit in. -->
 <!ENTITY event.attendees.notify.label                "Обавести полазнике">
 <!ENTITY event.attendees.notify.accesskey            "и">
 <!ENTITY event.attendees.notifyundisclosed.label     "Појединачна позивница по полазнику">
 <!ENTITY event.attendees.notifyundisclosed.accesskey "л">
 <!ENTITY event.attendees.notifyundisclosed.tooltip   "Ова опција шаље једну позивницу по полазнику. Свака позивница садржи само адресу полазника тако да идентитети других полазника нису одати.">
+<!ENTITY event.attendees.disallowcounter.label       "Онемогући контрирање">
+<!ENTITY event.attendees.disallowcounter.accesskey   "а">
+<!ENTITY event.attendees.disallowcounter.tooltip     "Показује да нећете прихватати контра-предлоге">
 <!-- Keyboard Shortcuts -->
+<!ENTITY event.dialog.new.event.key2              "I">
+<!ENTITY event.dialog.new.task.key2               "D">
+<!ENTITY event.dialog.new.message.key2            "N">
+<!ENTITY event.dialog.close.key                   "W">
+<!ENTITY event.dialog.save.key                    "S">
+<!ENTITY event.dialog.saveandclose.key            "L">
+<!ENTITY event.dialog.print.key                   "P">
+<!ENTITY event.dialog.undo.key                    "Z">
+<!ENTITY event.dialog.redo.key                    "Y">
+<!ENTITY event.dialog.cut.key                     "X">
+<!ENTITY event.dialog.copy.key                    "C">
+<!ENTITY event.dialog.paste.key                   "V">
+<!ENTITY event.dialog.select.all.key              "A">
 <!-- Menubar -->
+<!ENTITY  event.menu.item.new.label                       "Ново">
+<!ENTITY  event.menu.item.new.accesskey                   "Н">
+<!ENTITY  event.menu.item.new.event.label                 "Догађај">
+<!ENTITY  event.menu.item.new.event.accesskey             "г">
+<!ENTITY  event.menu.item.new.task.label                  "Задатак">
+<!ENTITY  event.menu.item.new.task.accesskey              "т">
+<!ENTITY  event.menu.item.new.message.label               "Порука">
+<!ENTITY  event.menu.item.new.message.accesskey           "к">
+<!ENTITY  event.menu.item.new.contact.label               "Контакт у именику">
+<!ENTITY  event.menu.item.new.contact.accesskey           "н">
+<!ENTITY  event.menu.item.close.label                     "Затвори">
+<!ENTITY  event.menu.item.close.accesskey                 "З">
    - event.menu.item.save.accesskey is used for the "Save" menu item
    - when editing events/tasks in a dialog window.
    - event.menu.item.save.tab.accesskey is used for the "Save" menu item
    - when editing events/tasks in a tab. -->
+<!ENTITY  event.menu.item.save.label                      "Сачувај">
+<!ENTITY  event.menu.item.save.accesskey                  "С">
+<!ENTITY  event.menu.item.save.tab.accesskey              "а">
     - event.menu.item.saveandclose.accesskey is used for "Save and Close"
     - menu item when editing events/tasks in a dialog window.
     - event.menu.item.saveandclose.tab.accesskey is used for "Save and Close"
     - when editing events/tasks in a tab. -->
+<!ENTITY  event.menu.item.saveandclose.label              "Сачувај и затвори">
+<!ENTITY  event.menu.item.saveandclose.accesskey          "и">
+<!ENTITY  event.menu.item.saveandclose.tab.accesskey      "у">
 <!-- Toolbar -->
 <!ENTITY  event.toolbar.delete.label                      "Уклони">
--- a/calendar/chrome/calendar/preferences/categories.dtd
+++ b/calendar/chrome/calendar/preferences/categories.dtd
@@ -2,16 +2,19 @@
    - License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
    - file, You can obtain one at http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/. -->
 <!-- WARNING! This file contains UTF-8 encoded characters!
    - If this ==> … <== doesn't look like an ellipsis (three dots in a row),
    - your editor isn't using UTF-8 encoding and may munge up the document!
+<!ENTITY pref.categories.new.title "Нова категорија">
+<!ENTITY pref.categories.newButton.label "Ново…">
+<!ENTITY pref.categories.newButton.accesskey "Н">
 <!ENTITY pref.categories.edit.title "Уреди категорију">
 <!ENTITY pref.categories.editButton.label "Уреди…">
 <!ENTITY pref.categories.editButton.accesskey "У">
 <!ENTITY pref.categories.removeButton.label "Уклони">
 <!ENTITY pref.categories.removeButton.accesskey "к">
 <!ENTITY pref.categories.name.label "Име">
 <!ENTITY pref.categories.color.label "Боја">
 <!ENTITY pref.categories.usecolor.label "Користи боју">
--- a/calendar/chrome/calendar/preferences/general.dtd
+++ b/calendar/chrome/calendar/preferences/general.dtd
@@ -36,8 +36,11 @@
 <!ENTITY pref.calendar.todaypane.agenda.caption "Данашња површ">
 <!ENTITY pref.soondays.label "Одељак предстојећег садржи:">
 <!ENTITY pref.soondays.accesskey "к">
 <!ENTITY pref.accessibility.label "Приступачност" >
 <!ENTITY pref.systemcolors.label "Побољшај боје за већу приступачност" >
 <!ENTITY pref.systemcolors.accesskey "б">
+<!ENTITY pref.eventsandtasks.label "Догађаји и задаци" >
+<!ENTITY pref.editInTab.label "Уређујте задатке и догађаје у језичку, уместо у прозорчићу." >
+<!ENTITY pref.editInTab.accesskey "з">
--- a/calendar/chrome/lightning/lightning.properties
+++ b/calendar/chrome/lightning/lightning.properties
@@ -169,32 +169,47 @@ invitationsLink.label=Позивнице: %1$S
 # missing the binary component and knows how to calculate the expected version
 # number. To test, remove the binary component from the components/
 # subdirectory and start Lightning, or force install into a different
 # Thunderbird version. In the last part of the sentence it should be made clear
 # that the user can install e.g. 3.7, 3.7.1 or anything other 3.7.x version
 # %1$S - The Lightning brand name, from the brandShortName string above.
 # %2$S - The current Lightning version
 # %3$S - The expected Lightning version
+binaryComponentKnown=Бинарни део који је потребан за %1$S се не може учитати. Највероватније зато што се користи погрешна комбинација верзија. Тренутно имате %1$S %2$S инсталиран а требали бисте да користите верзију из %3$S серије.
 # LOCALIZATION_NOTE(binaryComponentUnknown): This is shown when Lightning is
 # missing the binary component but can't calculate the expected version. This
 # happens in the rare case that Lightning is installed into something other
 # than Thunderbird or Seamonkey. You may link to a different page if you can
 # commit to keeping it up to date, I'd recommend staying with the English page.
 # %1$S - The Lightning brand name, from the brandShortName string above.
 # %2$S - The application brand name, e.g. Postbox
 # %3$S - The application version
 # %3$S - The current Lightning version
+binaryComponentUnknown=Бинарни део који је потребан за %1$S се не може учитати. Највероватније зато што се користи погрешна комбинација верзија. Тренутно користите %2$S %3$S  заједно са %1$S %4$S. Погледајте https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Calendar/Calendar_Versions за више појединости.
 # LOCALIZATION_NOTE(binaryComponentTitle): The title for the dialog that
 # notifies about a version mismatch.
 # %1$S - The Lightning brand name, from the brandShortName string above.
+binaryComponentTitle=Неподударна %1$S верзија
 # LOCALIZATION_NOTE(integrationLabel): Used by the notification bar shown when
 # Lightning is installed from the distribution folder. To trigger it, start a
 # new profile without Lightning in a previous Thunderbird version, then upgrade
 # to a Thunderbird that has Lightning packaged. See bug 1130852 for details.
+integrationLabel=%1$S сада садржи календарске могућности коришћењем проширења %2$S.
+integrationLearnMoreButton=Сазнајте више
 # LOCALIZATION_NOTE(integrationRestartLabel): At the current time its not yet
 # clear if we will be completely uninstalling Lightning or disabling it. Please
 # translate this string in a general manner, so that it makes sense for both
 # options.
+integrationRestartLabel=%1$S ће бити уклоњен следећи пут када буде били поново покренули %2$S. Можете га поново додати коришћењем управника додатака.
+integrationRestartButton=Поново покрени сада