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Tiny updates from Caslav Ilic

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# LOCALIZATION NOTE (EnterLoginForRealm, EnterLoginForProxy):
# %1 is an untrusted string provided by a remote server. It could try to
# take advantage of sentence structure in order to mislead the user (see
# bug 244273). %1 should be integrated into the translated sentences as
# little as possible. %2 is the url of the site being accessed.
EnterLoginForRealm=%2$S захтева корисничко име и лозинку. Сајт поручује: „%1$S‟
EnterLoginForProxy=Заступник %2$S тражи корисничко име и лозинку. Сајт поручује: „%1$S‟

EnterUserPasswordFor=Унесите корисничко име и лозинку за %1$S
EnterPasswordFor=Унесите лозинку за %1$S на %2$S